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  1. At last. graphics are fixed. This is what i did after what i did above changed DMVT from 64 to 128(i dont think it made any difference though). used config from this github repo. with only boot flag nv_disable=true @Jake Lo could you please see whats the difference so i can improve config provided by you. CLOVER.zip
  2. Given up on catalina. Creating Mojave installer. What changes do I need for my clover folder?? I should mention that I'm very thankful for your efforts to make things easier for us guys.
  3. Dvmt value changed. Still same error. Could you please send a copy of your working clover with liteon patch applied?
  4. its vanilla downloaded with gibmacos. made a new installer from hackintosh(not vm this time) and did a clean install. same issue without -igfxvesa the screen is stuck at ioconsoleusers: gioscreenlockstate 3, hs 0, now 0
  5. Followed This guide and tested all framebuffer values, almost all of them give error gioscreenlockstate.
  6. last issue seems to be graphics i get this alert during boot which is delaying bootup time [iGPU] graphics driver failed to load. could not register with framebuffer driver edit: tried to boot without -igfxvesa. get boot panic. i can hear password error sound when i press enter but screen is stuck at boot and i get only 31 mb for graphics memory
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