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  1. @Baio77 Nice job on a good hack! I tried using your EFI, adjusted for my rig (LG Gram 17Z90N, i7-1065G7). Unfortunately no joy. I don't know if anyone will ever discover what it takes to hack this LG Gram 2020 model.
  2. racing, My IOAudioFamily is stock. The Elan touch driver has an option for the EAPD fix. I was getting ready to upload my AppleHDA driver, but I have now discovered that my sound doesn't work after sleep! In fact my sleep functionality is completely broken right now. I'm investigating Clover and HWSensors updates as the possible cause. I am really struggling with Mavericks, should have stayed with ML.
  3. Hi racing, I have ALC269VC in my ASUS laptop as well. I followed EMlyDinEsH's AppleHDA Binary Patching guide and got sound working on 10.8.5, but when I upgraded to 10.9 I had fits. I then stumbled on to the alc269-vc2 kext you reference. I tried it and it did not work, no sound at all. Then I decided to take the Info.plist (from AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver), Platforms.xml.zlib, and layout28.xml.zlib from that post and drop it in to the stock 10.9 AppleHDA.kext. I then patched the stock AppleHDA with bcc9's script. I installed all of this and not only do I have sound, it also works
  4. Thanks! It works for me with 10.8.5 patched AppleHDA for ALC269VC. Great interim (maybe even permanent) solution. I can't wait for EMlyDinEsH to update the Elan touchpad with it. All I have left to get working is HDMI audio and I'll have this ASUS Q500A ready for an install guide.
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