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  1. UPDATE: It WORKED! What an amazing day, been waiting months for this. Working: - WiFi - Bluetooth - Airdrop Untested: - Handoff I'll update the entire process in a separate thread :'D Thank you again @Hervé
  2. @Hervé I'm so stoked! I just found a cheap AzureWave AW-CE123H off the second-hand market and immediately bought it. Can you let me know what exactly the DSDT/Kext patch is? As soon as I find a starting place I'll get right to it!
  3. @Hervé Best! I can get the cheapo WiFi card (dw1510) to get things up and running, finally. It'll be a great change not having to connect an Android all the time for tethering I'll post in the forum when installed and working. Thanks again!
  4. Thank you so much for the response, @Hervé. Highly appreciated. I've opened up my laptop and found one ½Min PCIe slot and another slot Min PCIe. (Image attached) I'll narrow down the options as they're limited and expensive where I live. Do you think the following cards would work? 1. MacBook a1185 WiFi + BT (No adapter as such) 2. Dell DW 1510 3. AzureWave AW-CB123H (Which you've recommended) 4. This card from AliBaba If none then I could play safe and buy the more expensive dw1550. I guess if I could prefer, I would go with a ½Min PCIe so I can add another SSD in the other slot.
  5. I'm running Big Sur 11.1 Beta successfully on Dell Latitude e7240. So far, no problems save that I can't get the WiFi and Bluetooth to work. My card is DW 1601. I've seen Herve's list of supported WiFi cards but I'm having a tough time understanding exactly what to do and where to start from (By now you can tell that I'm a newbie in Hackintoshing). All I know is that my WiFi card should work after some patching. What do I do?
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