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E7240 Big Sur 11.1 WiFi/BT help needed (DW 1601)

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I'm running Big Sur 11.1 Beta successfully on Dell Latitude e7240. So far, no problems save that I can't get the WiFi and Bluetooth to work.

My card is DW 1601.

I've seen Herve's list of supported WiFi cards but I'm having a tough time understanding exactly what to do and where to start from (By now you can tell that I'm a newbie in Hackintoshing). All I know is that my WiFi card should work after some patching.


What do I do?

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You should consider replacing that card by a fully supported Broadcom model. These AR9462 (and other AR9485/AR9565) were only supported with a special re-written Atheros40 kext and support has always been sort of poor not to say inexistant since Catalina.


Assuming your E7240 is fitted with a mini-PCIe slot, go for one of those DW1550, AW-CB123H or AW-CB160H. If you have a full size slot, you may even consider a real Apple card (eg: BCM94360CD) in an adapter.

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Thank you so much for the response, @Hervé. Highly appreciated.


I've opened up my laptop and found one ½Min PCIe slot and another slot Min PCIe. (Image attached)

I'll narrow down the options as they're limited and expensive where I live. Do you think the following cards would work?

1. MacBook a1185 WiFi + BT (No adapter as such)

2. Dell DW 1510

3. AzureWave AW-CB123H (Which you've recommended)

4. This card from AliBaba

If none then I could play safe and buy the more expensive dw1550.

I guess if I could prefer, I would go with a ½Min PCIe so I can add another SSD in the other slot.


WhatsApp Image 2020-12-08 at 5.19.16 PM.jpeg

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Answer to #1 is a definite "No!", this is an old Broadcom card for an old and obsolete CD/C2D MacBook A1181 of some sort so you can forget about that card (A1185 is the actual battery for Mac model A1181 by the way!).

If you've read our inventories + my previous answer, answer is obviously "Yes!" to the other 3...

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