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  1. This version appears to have solved my reboot issue. Thank you.
  2. I am using the kext from the respective Clover boot pack for each. I believe it is the same as what you have mentioned. It is good to know that it is maybe just me. I will continue to try different possible resolutions.
  3. I have been having rebooting problems that I think maybe related to the Alps touchpad. Here is some background first. I have a E6420 with Sierra installed from the Clover boot pack. On rare occasions I have seen behavior where I first notice the mouse pointer acting erratically. Shortly after, the laptop will usually reboot but sometimes hang. After reboot all is well again. At the time, I thought that this could be something with memory. The frequency of this happening was such that it didn't bother me. I am now using a E6330 with High Sierra and the same behavior seems to be occurring more often. The occurrence appears to be random and I can go quite awhile without seeing this. I swapped some memory around thinking it might affect it but it didn't appear to make a difference. As a test, I put in Rehabman's latest VoodooPS2Controller knowing that it would not support the touchpad and using a Magic Mouse instead. So far, I have not had the unexpected reboot. I do like the way the touchpad operates with the driver from the boot pack. I think it works better than the Windows driver. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this and maybe has a suggestion for a fix or an alternative course of action.
  4. It seems clever people are finding some workarounds to the legacy graphics card situation in Mojave. https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/334596-pre-release-macos-mojave/?do=findComment&comment=2625327 I do not know if this would work in the above post. A good question would be if this will work for upcoming releases.
  5. I have a E6420 with Optimus but I don't have too much hope for using it with Mojave. From what I have seen so far, the systems that have Mojave booting with displays that lack Metal support don't have graphics acceleration. It will be interesting to see if this can be resolved with web drivers or something.
  6. I have a E6330 running HS. If you have a Dell BT380 bluetooth module, these files worked for me. Also, VoodooHDA works for me. All files are in EFI/Clover/kexts/other. Archive.zip
  7. Here are two screenshots of ioregs. In E6420, the MediaBay Physical Interconnect Location is listed as External and HDD works. In E6330, the MediaBay Physical Interconnect Location is listed as Internal and HDD does not work. I would not know how to resolve this but any hints could be helpful. For now, I am resigned to enabling and disabling MediaBay in BIOS. Enable = always boot to Windows. Disable = always boot to MacOS.
  8. It would seem that a laptop SMBIOS enforces a 1 internal HDD limit. The Sierra install on my E6420, which is set to a MacBookPro, shows the HDD in the MediaBay as external and ejectable. I do not know if it is possible to achieve this in the DSDT. I have decided to live with the disk initialization message. It slows the boot but if sleep is working well then I avoid booting often.
  9. OK, more information. I apologize for the screwing around. If I use the provided DSDT with a laptop SMBIOS then I cannot access the drive in the MediaBay. If I use a iMac or Mini SMBIOS then it is accessible. Not being able to access the drive in the bay is not a big concern for me but it would be nice to not get the disk initialization message after every boot.
  10. Possible issue with DSDT? If I boot without patched DSDT then I have access to drive in MediaBay. Of course, other things don't work.
  11. A small update: If I boot from USB stick then I get access to drive in bay but other things don't work. I'll keep looking into it.
  12. Hello, I am seeing the MediaBay issue with a recent installation of High Sierra on E6330. I have a Windows disk in the bay and it is properly listed in System Info. But I see a couple of disk error messages in verbose and it wants to initialize the disk after the boot. The laptop boots Windows from the disk in the bay just fine.
  13. You are welcome to try my Clover directory. It is for Sierra on a E6420 with HD3000 and low-resolution display. I believe you would need the DSDT for the high-resolution display from the boot pack. You would also need to generate a new SSDT. Clover version 4184. There are some small quirks to this machine but minor from my viewpoint.
  14. "Fascinating", as Spock would say. This laptop is my daily workhorse. I have never seen a freeze relating to HD3000. I don't use fotos.app or Safari but I can play movies or a simple 3D game. i would have gone back to El Capitan if it was buggy. I do not have a high-resolution display however. I had a spare disk caddy and a test install disk with HFS+. I can read and write to it in the MediaBay. I suspect something with Clover.
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