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E6420 Help / NVIDIA NVS 4200M

Alan ocs

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I would like a help for reinstall my Hackintosh, I had it working wihtout the NVIDIA NVS 4200M, but after a several attempts to solve the nvidia problem, now it wont boot anymore.

I use to work with the UEFI Clover boot, I have now the lastest version, and the result is black screen after select the HDD.

I would like your help for start from the scratch, I have the Sierra retail boot and the lastest clover.

The BIOS version is the A23, i7-2640m, Intel HD 3000 and NVS 4200M as mentioned, Boot as UEFI, Sata as AHCI, Optmus enable (for work the Intel HD 3000), 120GB SSD drive, 8GB memory.

I apreciate your help.


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I was not able to get NVS 4200m to work on Sierra 10.12.4 so far. You can enable Optimus and have DSDT disable the Nvidia card.

See my guide here, bootpack on post #2.

I, however, was not able to get UEFI working on this model so I'm using Legacy mode. See note1 on post #2 for Clover settings.

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