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dell e6430 i7-3740qm


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I need OSX machine quad and found this DELL


DELL E6430

CPU i7-3740QM

Changed WIFI with DW1510

Used a CD-ROM caddy to put a 2nd spare drive inside.


Used guide for Sierra.



Used for WIFI DW1510


What is OK:

almost all.


What is KO:


Left USB2.0 port



Need some work for the guide to work.


Now trying on the 1st SSD drive the installation of high sierra (I really don't need Windows 10).







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Some more info:


First: it have optimus, but don't know if is used from OSX, I choose in Clover Macbook Pro 9.1 (the 15 inch, with Optimus, but different nVidia).


Second: the bluetooth is the original Dell separated interface (not integrated in wi-fi).

On the Bluetooth: it work when first install OSX from USB key, but don't work audio.

After post installation, work audio, but didn't work bluetooth. :-(


My next goals: make bluetooth working, upgrade to high sierra.

On the bluetooth mybe it is only a conflict.


Now in reading the suggest thread...

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First attempt on OSX High Sierra: FAILED :-)


Prepared the USB Boot device with upgraded kext downloaded from https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/

Edited config.plist from Sierra Bootpack (activate FixHeaders option under Acpi; copied the value for USB port limit for High Sierra from the pics in the guide, disabled 10.12 (Red) and add 10.13 (Green - 9 or 100 Series); Under SMBIOS, update the definition to MacBook Pro 9.1)


The boot sequence stopped and I cannot reach the OS X Installer screen.. :-(








IntelGraphicsFixup 1.2.7.RELEASE


lilu 1.2.3.RELEASE




Clover Configurator (


Any suggest?

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