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  1. How did you install your machine? If you did it with Leppy's Boot-132 you can probably boot from the CD and reset your EDP. (let it be noted you should update OS X when updating EDP, at least thats what i do to prevent any mayor mishaps with my system) M.
  2. Mikk P.


    Put in a 7200rpm HDD and you will get these results. I'm totally baffled right now. Almost an 800 point leap from the previous test, not to mention the EDP has evolved too. M.
  3. Mikk P.


    Damn you Core2Duo , should upgrade my processor(would that even change anything btw?). Second thing, a cool way to capture an open window is to push (on a standart keyboard which the Dells have alt+shift+4 and hit the spacebar, now you can make perfect screenshots.) command+shift+4 and spacebar. M.
  4. Mikk P.


    Just posting my D620 Nvidia IntelCore Duo T2300 Geekbench score: The more clever people can say if this is a good score or not. Seems to be a bit more powerful than the D420 but not by much. I do have 3GB of ram though. M.
  5. Mikk P.

    OSX 10.6.6

    Thats a common bug. Learn to use the buttons, they make for a faster navigation anyway. M.
  6. Mikk P.

    OSX 10.6.6

    Is anyone else seeing a ton of, i wouldnt say laggy but kind of unstable graphics. I'm thinking of wiping my HD to make the machine faster because ive installed alot and done a fair share of stuff but on youtube i can get upto 1080p but when viewing a normal 320p video it at some point just gets lagged out and continues normally after a few seconds. Wonder if my Nvidia 110M is slowly giving up or the EDP RC5 has an update that is not yet complete. M.
  7. One thing you have to understand is Apple has made it's operating system in a way that when you take you machine and open it all of the drivers are pre-loaded. Windows uses a base system which works with everything and then you start installing software but apple has a few computers so less drivers which means they can install ALL of the drivers even if you don't need some. This is so every computer is supported. Eg. You can buy a OSX 10.6 DVD and install it and have a working system without the aid of internet. Windows can do this to some extent. But there are far too many drivers to include to a single cd. Thats how i've understood how things work with Macs. Might have the wrong idea though since i havent really gone into details. M:
  8. What device do you have? I know you have a Dell D620 but is it Nvidia or Intel graphics. If its Intel graphics then sleep shouldnt work. To my knowledge sleep only works on Nvidia D620's. M.
  9. Anything specific i should be looking out for?
  10. And the D620 Nvidia has EDP support for 10.6.6! I had the same luck with the earlier version but this one fixed the DVD drive too! M.
  11. Sorry for the delay but EDP 1.5 RC-4 does not work on a Dell D620. A10, Nvidia with Chameleon 2 - RC8. EDIT// Switched the dsdt.aml with the RC-2 one and it works. Not sure if it's EDP RC-2 or 4 now though...
  12. Mikk P.

    OSX 10.6.6

    I´m bringing my testing here too. Will bring things together. Dell D620 Nvidia - broke when updating from 10.6.5 to 10.6.6 . Current state: * As of 10.41PM(Estonian time) i have re-installed 10.6 using Chameleon RC5 - Pre8 and i am using EDP5 RC-2. RC-4 breaks under the unbelievable strain caused by 10.6 i believe. I have Pre-built a RC-4 Extra folder to insert if RC-2 does not work. * Finally got the whole update downloaded and Installing. Fingers crossed! * Rebooted and i got nothing. The apple screen shows up, the loader turns a few times and "Please reboot" sign comes on. I´m trying to see if any of the Kext´s in the EDP are messing it up. EDP 1.5 rc-2(and 4) and EDP 1.4 have not shown any sings. Also 1.4 showed KP which means 1.5 has made it go away but i can´t say anything for sure. * Take my hair and eat it! I´m in! Researching why! Ill be back with news in a few seconds... * You are probably wondering how i managed this feat. It is not accomplished with the EDP package. I went to the source and obtained Leppy´s original DSDT - Extra folders. The first version which started this all. Not the one on the CD but the one he provided with extra kexts and a DSDT.aml. Now these can be obtained from the original topic here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=178411&view=findpost&p=1223592 . It should land you on post number 2, scroll down and you will find three downloads. Pick the one you have. As for the EDP´s i cannot say anything more. I´m going to work on the RC4 for a bit and see if it starts working. But as i´m only a beta tester i am not qualified to make mayor changes as i have no idea what i am doing. The ones that want to see 10.6.6 working can install it. Although the App Store is buggy as f*ck. I´m almost positive it´s because Apple has planted something in it to see what computer is used. It´s not letting me log in and it´s making funny stuff happen. Anyway, it might be because the first drafts of the Extra folder are not up to date for the requirements needed by the store. I shall report back if i get something! updating...
  13. Mikk P.


    I can't start installation from an empty HD with 3GB of memory. I need to remove the 1GB stick and then re-try. It gives me a Memory-Allocation error. Try installing with 2GB and adding the extra 2GB when installed.
  14. You should rework the com.apple.boot.plist file that you have with the one that Leppy had. I'm talking from the Dell D620 nVidia standpoint. A user a few months back was crazy enough to take our little nVidia NVS110M card and make an EFI code for it. That was later released by Leppy to get better graphics. I have been using the last known com.apple.boot.plist file and the smbios.plist from Leppy's configuration and everything else is from the EDP and i'm running better graphics than ever before(although i have to say EDP 1.4 had 1080p worked out much better but that might be me). Just a little idea to get the best out of your nVidia powered Dell D620. M. PS. 65 degrees seems hot. Mine runs at 44-54 degrees with normal usage(i use Temprature monitor to monitor my system).
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