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  1. sweet! I'm gonna see if I can get the T7200 for my D620, I WANT LION
  2. yea I would try it but it turns out I only have a core duo, not a core 2 duo. Leon was saying I could upgrade my CPU?
  3. will a core 2 duo go on this motherboard you think? EDIT: ANSWERED MY OWN QUESTION, OPPS gonna try for a T7200 on ebay!
  4. You cannot install Lion on any Core Duo's (32 bit) only Core 2 Duo's, which are 64 bit CPU's!!! I have a Core Duo so I will not be able to install Lion on my D620
  5. Man, I wish someone would do this for the D620 Intel!
  6. I made a bootable USB stick using xfail and installed the lastest Chameleon by running Champlist from my iMac, and I used Bronnxteck's files to overwrite, I get a black screen at boot. . . is it because I'm using a Core Duo and not a Core 2 Duo? (which means I'm 32 bit only. . .)
  7. Final Cut Pro 6 DVD Studio Pro GarageBand Pro Tools MPEG Streamclip Simply Burns RipIt Photoshop cs3 Filezilla VLC Transmission Chrome & Firefox 4 (for download helper) Pref Panes: Perian Knife Chameleon USBCat PTHVolume (for non Dells)
  8. I just tried "hot" pluging in my external monitor via VGA after boot up, it seems to be ok, I'm on a D620 w/Intel 950 GMA
  9. O now you tell me anyway, performance is still better in windows I'm sry to say. . .I don't know if it's the video driver or what?! I am watching this video that I just uploaded this afternoon and when I watch in 720 HD in Windows 7 it's perfectly smooth: 720 HD VIDEO but on the mac, it buffers great, it just plays back jerky. . .
  10. Using This Guide HERE!!! which is taken from THIS GUIDE HERE EDIT: anyway, works like a charm! Screeming Steaming! it says I am now using a Broadcom 43224 airport card, if it only knew. . .
  11. well, since rebranding is 50 x's easier for me than editing a DSDT.aml, I will let you know how it goes. . .
  12. awesome, now what do I with this? I have no clue.
  13. ok, I'll switch the antennas around before I get another router. In windows 7 I have no speed issues what so ever, so I know it's not the router or the card. . .
  14. you mean firmware flashed it? Can you even do that to a Dell 1490?? gogleing. . .
  15. I noticed the only thing that's a little slow on my D620, is the wireless. I bought a Dell 1490 WLAN from ebay (mac supports this natively without any extra kexts and shows up as a Broadcom 4311), and I was wondering if anyone else had kinda slow internet, somewhere between 3g and 4g speeds? I'm going try using a different one from kexts.com next. . . thanx!
  16. @Leon I sure don't, I was very tired at the time and kind of po'd, but thanx for asking! . . .the good news is I tried the update again (just like in my video) and boom it went perfectly without a hitch. @Bronxteck I get all my legacy kernels from nawcom: nawcom's awesome repository an invaluable resource for any AMD setups. . . EDIT: the reason I opt to update was cos Angry Birds won't play on anything less than 10.6.6. And after the update my machine is still flying! I think it was I had done a .mpkg install before maybe. . .
  17. So I just bought a retail Snow Leopard DVD from Amazon.com (free shipping) for $29.00 and re-installed my AMD hackintosh system and it is screaming fast- I mean it flat out get's it on, and after a failed update to 10.6.7 (kp'd) and a re-re-install I'm wondering if it's even worth the trouble. i don't use App store, and I don't think I really benefit from the updates anyway. . . thoughts? opinions??
  18. Mr. Bronxteck, perhaps you can talk me thru how you prepared your 2 gig USB equivalent? I think that is where the issue lays. . .
  19. umm, pretend I don't know anything about computers, now- where is that again? i've went up & down the Bios menus, which section is it in?? after performing a quick google of the said setting which is located in POST Behavior btw, I don't think I have that setting for my D620 which had been flashed to the latest 10a update. . . thanx for your help btw
  20. what! it's that easy? edit: nope, same thing. . . edit edit: I reformatted the 2gig to fat and reinstalled the XPC efi bootloader and copied the 1.4 files over to it, now I get auto reboots. . .I guess it isn't meant to be. . .
  21. Ok, so I've prepared two USB sticks, a 2 gig for boot up and an 8 gig with Lion restored .img when I boot my D620 to the 2 gig iboot (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) I get a red MBR Start! with a blinking cursor & it just sits there blinking blinking blinking. . . am i missing something here?
  22. I will try and make the Dell one not so long also, I was thinking about making a separate video on how to make the USB ram stick (flash drive) what ever people are calling it these days. . .
  23. Here's a video of the install process: I will be doing one for the D620 next!
  24. I was bored so I made a guide on my two hackintosh experiences: My link enjoy!
  25. I think this accounts for my poor video performance - an "unoptimized" bootup with unknown power supply
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