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  1. yup, I just did! Dell D620 Intel Graphics Use EDP 2.2
  2. I updated my Dell Latitude D620 w/GMA950 graphics to 10.7.3 without a hitch sleep works, safari works, let's see what else, everything else so far. using EDP 2.2 still. . . feel free to post your results!
  3. All done on a Pentium 4 hackintosh running Tiger 10.4.11 yes, I'm playing everything Enjoy!
  4. I recently acquired an old Pentium 4 Dual Core gateway desktop with a gig of ram and an Intel chipset, I put XP on it so I could use my old legit 7.3 version of Pro Tools on it. So for grins I thought I'd also put OS X Tiger x86 on it, so I ended up upgrading to the full 10.4.11 and putting in a brand new ATI 9550xl AGP x8 Radeon with 256mb ram - the only thing that don't work is dual displays and USB storage devices. . . funny thing is it runs way faster than my old single core AMD Sempron (my 1st hackintosh) I don't know if its cos it's Dual core VS Single Core, but the old Pentium
  5. a. D620 Intel Core 2 Duo 1.65 Ghz, GMA 950 b. Y c. Y d. 2 e. Y f. Y g. Y h. N i. N
  6. ptesone

    iPhone 4s

    Me & the misses got the last two black iPhones at our local sprint store this weekend. It's quite an upgrade from my Samsung intercept which I had for almost 2 years. You can use Siri for anything that requires typing, like this post for instance.
  7. assuming your the admin of your computer, type the following in a terminal - replacing username with your user name: sudo chown -R username:admin /Users/username
  8. How to get your VGA display to work: 1. When you're booted up, goto System Preferences -> Displays 2. Make sure TV is on and plug in VGA cable and wait for laptop screen to refresh 3. Hit the Detect Displays button and wait a few seconds 4. if nothing happens the 1st time, unplug cable, wait for refresh and try a 2nd time hitting the Detect button again 5. it should get it the 2nd time! NOTE: after the TV display comes on you can then goto the arrangement tab and move the top bar over to the TV Display screen and do full screen apps (Lion) from there. . .
  9. There's a link for it on the 1st page of this post - #15
  10. Don't update to 10.7.2 until EDP 2.2 comes out, I don't know how well 2.1 will work with that current update. In Lion, the mouse/trackpad is reversed for scrolling but you can change that in trackpad settings
  11. Can you provide a screenshot of the KP? It's hard to sat what it might be. Also, if you have sleepenabler.kext in the Extra/Extensions folder that could be doing it.
  12. you cannot upgrade a hackintosh to Lion that way, you need to do a few more things like make a bootable USB stick, use xfail to copy your Lion to it, etc. . .
  13. and how to make the Lion USB stick:
  14. I'm running Lion 10.7.2 with EDP 2.2 with no problems on my D620 w/Intel Graphics
  15. https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/724-6432-bit-switching/page__pid__4851#entry4851 if you wanna try 64 bit!
  16. I've went back to Lion, I do not wish to impede progress
  17. Thanx Klex, thanx for sharing your Lion experience. I've been thinking about getting a magic trackpad for my imac, my wife has an ipad 2 so I kinda know some of the gestures. Now, I just need to get an extra $70 rounded up here. . .
  18. is this included in the latest Lion EDP's? namely 1.9 & 1.9.1 just curious thanx!
  19. How to Install Lion - I went here ok, I remember now! it's been a few weeks so bear with me here. 1.) You have to right click (or ctrl click) on the Install Mac OS X Lion.app and goto Show Pack Contents -> Contents -> SharedSupport 2.) Mount InstallESD.dmg image and install xfail to your USB stick (after you had formatted it GUID at 1st of course) 3. xfail will then automagically mount Mac OS X Base System and start copying the Lion setup files to your USB stick (it will take quite a while so make some coffee or something) 4.) download Champlist to install latest Chameleon and
  20. I made a bootable Lion USB stick that will install Lion without upgrading, but I can't remember where! I will try to remember and post!
  21. No sorry, you can't. But you can upgrade your CPU to a Core 2 Duo for fairly cheap. (core duo = 32 bit, core 2 duo = 64 bit, Lion = 64 bit)
  22. For AMD: goto: http://philtesone.com/hackintosh.html for full instructions For Dell: for USB creation: enjoy!
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