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  1. Hi, I have an Asus UX301LA, It have the same Specs as the new MacBookPro 13 (11,1 Late.2013) It only differs with the Touchpad and Wifi Card. Asus UX301LA: CPU: Intel Core i7 - 4558U GPU: Intel Iris 5100 RAM: 8Gb DDR3L SSD: 2x Sandisk 128Gb (IntelRST Hardware Raid0 256GB) Wifi: Intel 7260 DualBand AC + BT 4.0 (M.2 NGFF) Chipset: Intel Lynx Point-LP (Intel HM87) (Elan Touchpad) MacBookPro 13 (11,1 Late.2013) CPU: Intel Core i7 - 4558U GPU: Intel Iris 5100 RAM: 8Gb DDR3L SSD: 1x Apple 256GB (mPCIe) Wifi: Broadcomm BCM4352 DualBand AC + BT 4.0 (mPCIe) Chipset: Intel Lyn
  2. Ok, thats what im looked for.. Seems there are at the moment no other Wifi adapters for the NGFF M.2 Port... Only the Intel 7260 Card... There is only BCM4352 or BCM4360, but its for the mPCIe 2.0 Port and not the M.2 NGFF Port. Here are some Pictures between this 2 Ports: http://www.hwtools.net/Accessory/INTEL-7260.html And here is a Picture of the BCM4352 Card (mPCIe 2.0): http://img.onant.com/201304/aigale-bcm4352/3.JPG And here is the BCM4360 from the MacBook: http://www.hardwareluxx.de/images/stories/galleries/reviews/2013/macbookair/ifixit-wlan.jpg I dont know whi
  3. Hi, i have a Problem, i've got everything working, except for the Intel 7260 ac wifi m.2 Card. The Problem is, i have an Asus UX301LA, This Notebook has only the NGFF (m.2) socket for the wifi Card!... I cant replace it, since there is no broadcomm wifi Cards for the m.2 socket... If anyone has any suggestions, im open to them 1. I would, if i could, replace them. 2. I dont think there are, but if there are any Drivers, will be nice too Cheers EDIT: Bluetooth 4.0 is working with this card!
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