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  1. Nice Enjoy your new Macbook xD
  2. Enable please "v4ButtonsSimulated" inside the kext in the info.plist and disable "v3HWLegacyMode" Dinesh, just tested it, he have right, there is a bug with V4... We need to figure it out... Enable please "v4ButtonsSimulated" inside the kext in the info.plist and disable "v3HWLegacyMode" If doesn't help, try without smooth mouse. Cheers
  3. Nope! Try to download Kext Utility, and run it once to rebuild everything... and you can install with kext utility the driver Chhers
  4. what you want improve in horizontal scrolling? it scrolls too fast? and you want it slower? Okay: Open one of this websites: http://album.alexflueras.ro http://www.clholloway.co.za http://elfletterig.nl And you see, here is your horizontal scrolling working good.... Now you open finder and everything is too fast... WHY??? BECAUSE: EmlyDinesh 1. don't have all the API's for OSX that are needed for the touchpad 2. don't have the possibility to communicate with the touchpad, how the real elan drivers can do this in windows. 3. Original Apple Touchpad communica
  5. Okay, thats strange, can you plugin external mouse and keyboard, and post the "elan" console logs after wakeup? just make a sleep and wake, open console and search for "elan" and post here the output, or don't search and post the whole log file after wakeup (as zip) Cheers
  6. Did your usb ports working after wake from sleep? Can you try GenericUSB from here: https://code.google.com/p/os-x-generic-usb3/downloads/list And look if your problem is fixed. 1st: elan kext doesn't work with voodoo kext... you need to remove voodoo. Secound: if its not working too, open console, search for "elan" and post here the output! Cheers
  7. 1st: Did you read about the customizations in the plist? 2th: You need to go in the osx touchpad settings, and change the scroll speed once! After that scrolling is working! 3.: Im using This Elan driver, and it's awesome! i haven't any bugs at all! It have so much things you can customize in the plist settings! The most questions here: 99% of the questions here, comes, because no one is looking into the info.plist file inside the kext! Download plist edit pro or any other plist editor and look in it, read the first post and the customization post and you will get a awesome working d
  8. Aah, okay, sry... i read the another thread now So you don't have any nvidia card in your UX302LA? Strange But it will be easier and faster for me xD You can access the clover partition if you use this command in terminal: sudo mkdir /Volumes/Efi sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk1s1 /Volumes/Efi sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/Efi After you mounted clover partition, go into it, "EFI/Clover/ACPI/origin" (delete here everything) the origin folder should be empty... reboot... now if you are in the clover screen, hit the Key F4 save original (OEM) ACPI tables by pressing F4B
  9. Hi Are you from Germany? I Already asked you in another thread I have no problems to support the UX302LA Okay, 1. Update you BIOS to the newest version, thats 207 atm. 2. Extract with clover all your tables, and send it to me And 3. My DSDT for ux301, will not work for you! Because our graphics! i have a Intel Iris5100 and you have a Intel 4400+Nvidia 730. 4. i need to know if you are using i7-4500U or i5-4200U CPU. Cheers
  10. Are you from Germany? Or Russia? Write me a PM, and if you are using Clover, you can export your Tables (DSDT+SSDT) and PM it to me... I support ux301 and i can add support for ux302 in my github too... Just PM me your Tables and ask me, which Card you want to use... GeForce GT730M or Intel 4400... From my point, i think 4400 is better to use, because it is more power save and for osx you really don't need the geforce card... there are no games or something else where you need more graphic power xD Cheers
  11. I Found the Broadcom BCM94352Z Module! But it's not available to buy at the moment Im Searching But not found where to get it from If anyone know where to get, this would be awesome xD Here are Pictures: https://github.com/Ramalama2/UX301_DSDT/tree/master/GUIDE%20Files/Broadcom%20NGFF%20WiFi
  12. Thats correct! I forgot that Cheers PS: I've Edited the Guide Above Thank you
  13. Thats what i wanted to say too:-) I had long time ago, an windows laptop, where the cam was upside down too... On windows you can change that in the driver ini file... On osx, i don't know if thats possible^^ Cheers:-)
  14. Updated and Completed GUIDE! PS: Im searching anyone, who can help me with the new Experimental DSDT! The Goal is: ---> to get sleep & wake working! ---> Patch Battery, that we don't need any Kext for this! (Vanilla) ---> Add a working "HDAU" "HDEF" section, that we don't need HDAenabler for HDMI & Displayport Audio! --------> Without HDAenabler, i get only Laptop Audio Working, but not HDMI/DP Audio! With HDAenabler, all is working! Battery, HDAU, HDEF, is fixed now! Thank everyone, who can help me! Cheers
  15. Do you have ACPIBacklight kext installed? If you have an Asus, remove it. But its hard to tell, i think you haven't a asus? If not, you can look at RehabMans Github... If you have, try the KeyBoardNBFN Kext in the other thread with the DSDT Patches. Or wait for EmlyDinesh Cheers
  16. Sry dinesh. You are right, i don't say your scrolling is bad, i just asked you it's not synchronous. But your scrolling is not bad at all, it's much better as the original drivers for windows! But believe me, in the new elan drivers: v11.6.27.201 Download Link Don't try (this version is not good as the 11.6) You have with that drivers, synchronous scrolling everywhere in windows. But don't break your head with that, try that windows drivers out if you want. Your implemention is just awesome! You maked this touchpad very useable in OSX And thats make us
  17. Nice!!! V3 is working for (6758151)!!! 3 Finger gesture: Working 3 Finger tap: Working 4 Finger tap: Working 4 Finger gestures: Dont Know 2 Finger Scrolling: Working! (Not synchron scrolling, more like wheelscrolling) Move/Left/Right Click: Working Update: Click(Hold) and with other finger move: Working! If you scroll down with 2finger it scrolls up again sometimes. Thank you very much!!!!
  18. Credits: Big Thanks to EMlyDinEsH!!! Without his Help, this all isn't possible! IF POSSIBLE PLEASE MAKE A DONATION to EMlyDinEsH!!! Paypal: GUIDE: ================== Credits: Big Thanks to EMlyDinEsH!!! Without his Help, this all wasn't possible! Mirone for Patched AppleHDA! RehabMan for the Haswell Patch and all his Work in the Kext Drivers! The Clover Team!! For that awesome Bootloader! And all others Asus UX301LA Specs: CPU: i7-4558U (2 x 2,8 + 2HT) (Haswell-ULT) (Cache: L1=128KB L2=512KB L3=4MB) GPU: Intel Iris 5100 (Dev=0A2E Ven=8086) RAM: DDR3L-1600 (2x Elpida 4GB
  19. I tryed, same as before... First Post Updated... Thank you!
  20. Yes I Updated above
  21. Hi Dinesh I have elan Touchpad Firmware: 6758151 Kext v2.8.3 says: Unknown hardware version, aborting... Kext "V4 1.8.2 Beta" Unknown hardware version, aborting... Im open for any testing Cheers
  22. Broadcom BCM94352Z Its a NGFF M.2 Card, but it will be released on 21.Jan.2014 So i need to wait Cheers EDIT: Bluetooth 4.0 is working with this card!
  23. Hi, i try to inject the iris 5100 Graphics with clover bootloader! I get my UX301LA laptop running with Iris 5000 Graphics, but with some graphic glitches... If i set ig-platform-id to 0x0a2e0000 i get "Iris 5000 1024mb vram" ig-platform-id: 0x0a260000 = "Iris 5000 1024mb vram" ig-platform-id: 0x00080931 = "Iris 5000 14mb vram" (This runs better/faster) (This was only a try...) ig-platform-id: 0x0c260000 = "Iris 5000 1024mb vram" Witout injecting = "Iris 5000 1024mb vram" Just inject Intel and EDID: = "Iris 5000 1024mb vram" But how i get anything other as Iris 5000?...
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