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  1. I have that touchpad crash driver issue with 4.6.5 too... Seems like the touchpads are all different, everyone need to find the best version himself... Cheers
  2. yep, without any issues https://github.com/Ramalama2/Tools-Misc/tree/master/Kexts Thats the version i use (with my plist options) Cheers
  3. To get a working touchpad prefpane, look at step 33-34 on this site: http://x220.mcdonnelltech.com/thinkpad-x220-macos-sierra-installation/ Works here with 10.12 (16A323) Cheers PS: @Dinesh Im still using v4.2, because since then, the driver got worse & more worse... 4.2 is still perfect (scrolling) and bug free. I dont know, but the driver gots to big and have to much code in it... If you want and have time in the future, we can get together, like long time ago and improve it Yust would be much better in my opinion to rewrite it and remove as much possible code as you can, to get it small and clean again Cheers
  4. You know what? Im sorry for my harsh before, but If you were RehabMan, Slice, Piker, Toleda, TimeWalker, dmazar, apianti, CodeRush, etc... One of the big heads here, that spend much time for the community, it were a complete different thing... We would discuss here, like normal people discusses... All this guys have a big respect for what they did and for the time they spend... But you are a "NO One", that writes what a developer need to do! And another NO One like me (and I'm sure, i spend really much more time as you for the community), need to fight for Dinesh... And now I'm off here... Bye.
  5. i fight for him, because he spend the last 3-4years extremely much time in it, and provide the kext here free for everyone... No one paid here to get the kext, and a donation is a completely different thing for a developer... Now there comes some new people, that spend nothing for the community, that did nothing at all, and write, that a developer, that spend 3-4years of hard work need to release the source code... Really i don't understand the world anymore... All i can say to such people like you, that don't know at all what respect is, And I'm really sorry that i write this now, never happen before on any forum: "go and **** yourself!!!" I don't know any other words for such respectless people! You don't need to say, its a waste of time to redo the kext... Really, if you are not agree here, you can always go and make a open source kext! And its never to late or a waste of time, to do that! On Dinesh's place, i would not release any updates anymore and delete the kexts from this forum, and any other forum! Just that people like you, can go ahead and make your own OpenSource kext! And i really hope, that you will be happy, that you had success, that a developer never release anymore a kext, because of you! Good Bye, I'm off here! Have enough of this respectless Guys here!
  6. @All OpenSource fanatikers here! 1. Dinesh made this kext, almost from ground up (ported) 2. He investigated EXTREMELY MUCH WORK in it, i know it very good, because i was some time a tester for him... and i know exactly how long we needed to fix some bugs only... 3. Really, i don't want to make a big discussion here, but don't forget, dinesh does it for free, for us! 4. If he don't release the source code, its alone his OWN thing! (for example, rehabman has released source code on github, for the voodoo-PS2-Controller, and who else codes with him... he does all the work alone...) So stop discussion here, what dinesh need to do or not! Its his own work, his own time, his own thing what he do or not! So all out here, using this kext: SAY THANK YOU DINESH FOR ALL THE WORK!!! AND DONT BLAME YOURSELF! Without the work of Dinesh, without this kext, what are you going to do? Yes!: Use a mouse, instead the ELAN Touchpad on your beautiful Asus laptop! If you don't agree, its your own thing, but please don't start a discussion here... And now, back to main bugs^^ Cheers ------------------------------ @Dinesh By the way^^ The driver gets almost bigger and bigger... My v4.2 here have only 300KB.... (without resources) v4.4.5 have now 349KB... (without resources) Seems like you have much new code But its possible that you start to optimize your code a little bit, to make it smaller again?^^ I know there is alway the bug & stability factor, on big code changes, optimizations, etc... But we can open an IRC Channel, for all beta testers here... to check all bugs out... Maybe an idea, maybe not^^ Cheers
  7. The Picture is to small, do you have a bigger one? xD Save it as .raw and upload... Maybe we can download your picture then, just takes a week Cheers, lol
  8. Destination_of_ApplePS2Elan="Downloads/ApplePS2ElanTouchpad.kext" # Desktop: "Desktop/ApplePS2..." Dokuments: "Dokuments/ApplePS2..." try with: Destination_of_ApplePS2Elan="Desktop/ApplePS2ElanTouchpad.kext" Destination_of_AsusNBFnKeys="Desktop/AsusNBFnKeys.kext"
  9. Can you send me your Files via PM? Im Supporting all UX* Models PS: Please update your bios before to newest version! Cheers
  10. Hi SD Card reader working Out-Of-Box, you don't need to do anything It just doesn't show up in System Profiler, because its completely turned off! If you plugin a SD-Card in the slot, SDCardReader will show up and working Its for UX301LA Have you a custom DSDT? Seems like you have not the right Graphic ID in DSDT. Why you don't use Clover? And remember you have a different laptop, you can't use my DSDT from UX301LA... Cheers
  11. You need to make your own DSDT... Please read in the forums... Ioreg is a tool... and if you even don't know where you can find system log... really... no wonder that nothing is working for you... Everyone here spend much time to find everything out, and they written Guides/Fags for PPL like you! You need to read them and don't ignore it... Be respectfull and read the Guides and don't cry for help... At last you need to know some Basics... Cheers
  12. Some Screenshots from Windows and OSX:
  13. UPDATE: It's working perfect in Windows 8.1 and OSX Both Bluetooth and Wifi For Wifi you need kext/ssdt/dsdt edit, for bluetooth you need BTFirmwareUploader Cheers
  14. Hi I can ask you all that questions in 3-6 days... My UX301 is in RMA now... there was some errors with one of both ssd and bios brick... Didn't tested the BCM94352z till now, but i have it already here and ready to build in What i can say is, im sure this card will work on osx without problems, just with modified kext or ssdt. On Windows it should work without problems too... Its a normal Broadcom 4352 Card just with ngff interface/connector... There is nothing new and nothing different, same card as mpcie version... just as ngff... ngff is just the connector, and it uses PCI x2 lanes... Our systems (Windows/OSX) should see the card as normal pci card... And it should be little bit better as the intel 7260 card... Broadcom cards was always better as intel cards... After i get my laptop back, i will write how-to or something in the thread Cheers
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