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  1. Thanks. I was able to boot up from the USB install drive and saw that i could get to MyHack from there (I did not realize I could do that). I reloaded my Extra folder, to restore to the condition before trying the perfomrance tweaks. I'll try again when I get more time.
  2. But where is the SMBios that I'm supposed to load? It's not in the article nor made mention of anywhere before that step. Anyway, I omitted that step (not good), moved the extra kext files to another folder and rebooted. And as you can probably guess, now it won't boot. I get the spinning apple loading but nothing past that. When booting in -x -v -F mode, i get a KP. Not sure what to do now.
  3. I closely followed the instructions until I hit #10 "10) Once this is done, close Plist Editor Pro, move or copy the modified FakeSMC kext to /E/E, run myFix (full) to repair permissions and rebuild cache. Then, with Chameleon Wizard, change your SMBIOS plist to the new targeted version." How do I use CW to change the SMBIOS plist to the new version? Where is the new version that I'm pointing it to? I See in the org.chameleon.Boot section a box next to SMBios.plist and then a blank field, and 3 checkboxes underneath. But I'm unsure of what to put in there. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  4. Thank you Hervé!! I spent too much time trying to follow the instructions using MyHack + bootpack on the compatibility page. I spent hours reading this forum to figure out why I was not able to get the boot screen on my D430 when trying to load Lion 10.7. Only after loading your zip file of Extras was I able to get it working. I'm not sure what is different between this zip file and the bootpack, but it worked. So thank you very much. PS: After succesfully booting up, it displayed the screen that said it could not detect a keyboard but trackpad did work. I had to plug in an USB keyboard, then didn't need it again.
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