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  1. Hi. I just follow the AIO Guide from pokenguyen. Reference: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298027-guide-aio-guides-for-hackintosh/ Remember to patch USB for your DSDT. If not, the USB installer will not work. I already listed them in https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8347-e6410-nvidia-el-capitan/&do=findComment&comment=53247
  2. Thanks. I've tried with these but the sleep doesn't really work. The fan still spins while sleeping but I'm comfortable with it. USB patch: As Hervé said above, I just search and replace EHCI to EHC1. Battery patch: Some guys here and I had issue with battery. Then I ask RehabMan about this issue and he told me that the problem is the second battery object in DSDT, but is not present. Disable it by: into method label _STA parent_label BAT1 replace_content begin Return(0) end; Other patches (optional): Use Dell E6410 in http://olarila.com/forum/packs.php. Be careful to remove patches related to EHCI because they don't work any more. Use the USB patch above. Actually I'm not sure what these patches do but there's not harm in trying.
  3. It seems no one else installs El Capitan on E6410 here . Everything now works for me except Sleep
  4. First of all, thanks for creating a new topic for discussing on El Capitan E6410 I already set AHCI in the BIOS. I spent some hours and know the reason . El Capitan somehow doesn't work well with USB 2.0. I had to use patched DSDT (change ECHI to EHC1) then I can install it successfully. I will continue to fix some missing kext issue left. Anyone else here installing El Capitan?
  5. Hi, I try to use Clover for making the USB installer but I cannot go through the error Still waiting for root device. Would you please help me on this issue? Thanks so much
  6. My GPU temp is 80*C when I run the example project from Xcode. I have already installed web driver for NVIDIA. Is 80*C for GPU is OK? Normal temparature is 65*C. I'd like to how hot your GPU is
  7. You really saved my day, Patel. It works perfectly. Thank you!!!
  8. Hi Patel, I see that you have a patch for DSDT to fix the shutdown issue. Could you please share the patch script to me? I'd like to use my own DSDT. Thank you so much!!!
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