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  1. hmmm weird. what happened to you happen to me. now i have no sound. tried to reinstall it and now i got nothing.
  2. hmmm i might revert to mavericks with clover then hash everything out there. after that ill update with app store method and see how it works.
  3. Anyone have an idea on how to fix the b1f: init issue? I seem to be stuck on it and can't not into Yosemite with out the USB
  4. in the zip there is a kexts and tools folder. open the tools and use kext wizard to install dummyHDA to S/L/E. dummyhda is in kext folder. then reboot and you'll have sound. use youtube to check if its working. i guess apple mustve taken out the ploop sound for volume control.
  5. Following this guide to make my USB for my E6420. Will report on how it works since I have the NVS 4200M on my model. Been having issues booting up my USB. Will update this post once I try to reboot again Edit: So far the install seems to be going alright and it boots fine. I'll upload the required stuff for those who run the nvidia model of the e6420 once I get everything working or at least a majority of it. This booted with injected nvidia for running the NVS 4200M
  6. hey herve i tried your pack on BIOS A19 and it seems to run smooth resolved the plain white box glitch on the screen. thanks!
  7. can you link me to the new applehda? i tried the one in your e6520 post but it yielded no results my hdaenabler is added. also chameleon wizard is acting up saying i don't have an internet connection
  8. well i got it to work. was missing the kext so i just added in the kext from jake lo's pack. now its just the volume, brightness, and iMessage plus the other apple stuff like app store
  9. So I booted into the os and its on 10.9 but I can't seem to get my Ethernet to work. I tried your bootpacks but still no luck. Wondering if I can update to 10.9.3 and then get sound volume and all that too work. Any steps I should take and also the new bootpack for 9.3? Still fiddling around with this since I have no internet access. Jake that extras on op didn't work I used the first guide.
  10. im having an issue when doing this. when i boot it just hangs after "system uptime in nanosecond" and nothing happens even after 2-3 minutes? running A21 bios with i5-2420m and a nvidia nvs4200m any suggestions? maybe im doing something wrong. just followed op
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