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  1. ok ASUS ppl told me to take it to their service center to clear CMOS Battery...but im out of warranty on this one and dont like taking it to service guys because they might screw it up other parts[ because its not in warranty] and thought of disassembling myself to clear CMOS ...i think its below 'left shift and Z' on keyboard...i even heard debug command in DOS to reset CMOS but it will be dangerous if i enter wrong codes[hex address in assembly language] would make it bricking the board... chan1600 did you get to triple boot yours or you are using vmware/parallels desktop ? Bronxteck ,will try regenerating sl.no. thank you guys will let you know how it goes
  2. ok installed audio and ethernet kexts… now got internet working....will take a back up and install other kexts... im still not able to use facetime...it says "server encountered an error processing registration and to please try again later"
  3. i have opened a ticket with asus ...lets see what they suggest...until then i have to use usb to boot mavericks... i have no kexts installed...clover configurator shows empty fields...no audio/internet/smbios...etc....how to fix this...
  4. thank you, copied the EFI folder to EFI partition, have 2 folders named Apple[has extensions/firmware.scap] and Microsoft[ yes it has a bootmgfw.efi inside EFI/Microsoft/Boot/]...still boots to windows... but im unable to set boot order/path because everything is greyed out in my BIOS Boot Section[ it automatically selects boot order... 1.mac osx[installed with no boot loader], 2.Windows Boot Manager 3.usb if connected 4.cd/dvd drive etc here are my bios pictures... main menu of the bios shows access level as user i have not installed any kexts/patches....my sound,mic and internet are not working...how do i get them to work
  5. thank you very much...i was able to create bootable os x usb and install over my windows 7, but it boots everytime to windows and i need to use usb to boot into os x[bare system without any kexts,will install after correcting the booting] btw i converted my MBR partitioned windows 7 to guid partition without reinstalling windows 7 from this and but i have to create efi partition[Windows Boot Manager] for it to boot...how do i correct this booting thing.... thanks
  6. i used myhack config with generic kexts coz i got other errors while using k55vm extras with myhack...will post that one too
  7. thank you but my bios wont boot uefi usb[created uefi bootable usb using .........#sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Mavericks.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/USB --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Mavericks.app --no interaction] but whenever i tried to boot from uefi bootable usb, system directly goes to my windows 7... thats why using myhack... im currently stuck at pci configuration end line things i have tried, 1. -x -v 2.PciRootUID=1 - x -v 3.npci=0x2000 -x -v 4.npci=0x3000 -x -v 5.GraphicsEnabler=No -x -v but with all the still stuck at pci configuration end here is the screenshot
  8. thanks but mine wont boot[recognise] uefi [gtp partition] thats the problem...i have ASUS K55VM-sx086d...
  9. prepared usb with myhack but stuck at grey screen when i boot from usb... i want to know how did you update your bios...i am afraid if something goes wrong i might brick my laptop... 1.did you take backup of your old bios[if yes,how?] 2.did you use easy flash from bios->advanced [i cannot select mine its greyed out] 3.did you use win-flash from windows? [i heard that bios update using win flash in windows on newer laptops leaves bricking it] 4.is it worth updating to new bios[fan speed etc] finally i cant seem to go past grey screen while installing os x maverics...are there any other method to install.. can i dual/triple boot os x/windows 7/linux? i really want to install mavericks hope u'll help in this regard, ok i updated my bios to 211 but most of the options are greyed out....how can i access those options? thank you
  10. thank you, i already have original OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 from Appstore, but it said bootable USB for Intel PCs thats why asked....will mine work with myHack ?
  11. thanks for the info but where can i find OS X Mavericks 10.9.4 bootable USB for Intel PCs, googled and not able to find any working links/torrents...i would be really helpful if u give me the links here or just PM me, thank you
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