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  1. I'm trying to install High Sierra on k55vd (similar k55vm) with rufabf clover, but system won't boot up I create the usb installer, download last clover uefi, and replace the folder inside efi partition sometimes boot with a post panic warning anybody has my issues?
  2. display work properly at 1366x768 like you monitor and trackpad preference doesn't want to open
  3. I have problems with the touchpad, fn key and monitor preferences on your k55vd work properly? can you send me the confg.plist and the kext?
  4. still not working maybe brightness won't work because monitor preferences don't work
  5. anyone else have issue in monitor preference? i can't change resolution and brightness the fn keys won't work https://www.dropbox.com/s/3908pzew2erhbfs/monitor.jpeg?dl=0
  6. i've a trouble the installation start in zero brightness and fn key won't work i'm using the last clover folder what can i do?
  7. Using the guide for my k55vd, I've installed Sierra But audio wont work and trackpad have many issue and cant load trackpad pref.pane Who can help me?
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