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  1. Here you are: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1i0v_aY23VgCWYTKsCOR0gZeIe1Cn6fz_ I have the factory SSD, I changed nothing on the BIOS, as I remember and I did not update the BIOS.
  2. I have the same laptop and used the manual Hervé linked, everything worked perfectly, except the trackpad buttons.
  3. Magically, It worked again. I tocuched nothing, but now it works afters some restarts...
  4. Hi again, I updated to 10.14.5 and trackpad stoped working. Does your system work?
  5. You got them from me The thing is that there is some lag with the Dell trackpad, but not with the Magic Trackpad. I tried your 7490 guide, but I get a KP when booting.
  6. Hi all, I have a 5490 with a working trackpad (no physical buttons though). There is a small lag on the trackpad movement, so for certain movements it is not exact. On the other hand, I normally use a Magic Trackpad, which works perfectly, with no lag at all. Why hey this happens and how can I correct it? Thanks in advance.
  7. Fingers crossed! Hope you succeed on that and trackpad will finally work as it should. I will keep refreshing your 7490 thread in case you add it there.
  8. Not in my case, I am afraid. Trackpad works worse than before... It only moves about 1cm before stopping, so have to lift the finger from the trackpad and move it again. Is there anything can be done?
  9. Besides asking me por the password (which is normal as the file is in /S/L/E), everything is smooth as expected.
  10. To be honest, all my kext are in Clover. I know they should be on /L/E, but I will move there when everything work smoothly.
  11. Have you updated your 7490 tutorial with it? I don't see it. Sorry about the quotes.
  12. Yes, I talk about that EFI attachment. As you can see, touch movement is good. What I try to say is: Your EFI is better that mine, except the trackpad movement. My EFI is better only for the trackpad movement. Can you implement my trackpad movement into your EFI? We would have best of both worlds.
  13. In the clover folder I attach, the trackpad works good when it comes to movement (acceleration could be improved, but you can work with the computer) and gestures. What do nor work are the physical buttons. Maybe there is something you can add to your configuration so the mouse pointer behaves better.
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