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  1. Thanks Jake. I tried the config.plist and the DSDT. HDMI Video seems to work, HDMI Audio does not, and the USB ports seem to be acting strange as well (most of the time not working). The SD Card reader also does not work, but I suspect it's related to the USB. The video glitching seems to be gone now. Fix one thing and break another lol. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Herve: Thank you for the breakdown. This helps a lot actually! So now that I'm mostly up and running, I presume there's no need for EDP on my machine? Jake: The sound is fixed now. I am experiencing some unusual graphical glitches though. Sometimes, I'll see a weird looking rainbow color patches.. The top menu bar also seems to have a weird look to it. The text doesn't look solid. The system recognizes the Intel HD Graphics 4400 (1536MB) and thinks it is a MacBook Air.... Also HDMI Out doesn't seem to work at all.
  3. Hi Jake, Just tried the graphics fix. That did the trick, more specifically adding of FakeID for the IntelGFX. In all the guides, I installed the kexts, but never really knew about the clover configuration (until now) with the hex ID. That step was critical. The guide I used to setup the system in the current state was made by pokenguyen https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/6461-guide-e7440-with-clover/ I'll try the sound fix shortly, but really appreciate the help! Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have a Dell Latitude E7440 with i4300 (i5 processor with Intel 4400) 1920x1080 display, 256GB SSD. Currently using a USB wifi, and on A15 BIOS. In my search for the best tutorial, I've tried the Clover Method, with the tutorial from here and attempted EDP. With all the tutorials out there, it makes it challenging for a newbie to figure out what is best, or where to start. That being said, I see EDP, MyHack, Clover, Chameleon... What really is the best way? Can someone break down the 4 or 5 methods, and explain why one would choose one over the other? It seems like Clover makes the most sense from what I've tried, but not so sure, as I've had my own issues getting things up and running. I'm currently sort of up using Clover with the tutorial from here, but my Graphics is unaccelerated and some sleep issues with audio.. Running Yosemite 10.10.4. Also it's not so clear, do the boot packs have everything you need for 10.10.4, or do you need to apply patches for each to get up to date (eg. apply 10.10.1, then stuff for 10.10.2, etc.) Thanks!
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