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  1. I used the dsdt patelforprez provided for yosemite and patched the usb to work with el capitan installer usb. No other patches have been used.
  2. I still haven't figured out how to fix my el capitan usb issue. I used chameleon for my bootloader and I patched my dsdt, and everything works on the installer including my usb mouse and it recognizes my other usb peripherals. Then after I install, I use my usb with the patched dsdt to boot El Capitan and it doesn't recognize any of my usb ports. It doesn't make any sense.
  3. Im having an issue guys, So I patched the DSDT and the el capitan installer gets past the root device not found and recognizes all my usb ports. The problem is when I boot into the installed El Capitan, the usb ports are not working. TLDR: Installer has USB Capabilities, Installed Copy does not.
  4. Oh and did El Capitan resolve the scroll lag that some applications in Yosemite had.
  5. I hope it's not damaging. Maybe it's just my young ears lol. It's like a very slight high pitched sound only noticeable when there's no background noise and when the laptop fan is quiet.
  6. Oh and another strange thing I noticed was when opening launchpad or using the gpu there is a slight high pitch noise that is not present on other operating systems. Anybody have on ideas on this/ or are experiencing this on their dell e6410 nvidia laptops? Because I just want to know if this is okay and not damage to the laptop.
  7. I have and it stills get a panic from this error. Is there anything I can do? I'd really like to run el capitan or yosemite on this laptop.
  8. I am unable to boot any version of OS X yosemite(10.10, 10.10.1,...) on my latitude e6410. I have tried both Chameleon and Clover and receive ACPI kernel panics. This is also affecting my El Capitan usb installer too. Here are some steps I have tried to resolve this issue and they have failed: Reset BIOS, Disable VT for Direct IO, Set HDD mode to AHCI. Change Bootloaders from Chameleon to Clover Place AppleACPIPlatform Kext inside Clover kext directory. Have removed AppleACPIPlatform from S/L/E Strangely this does not affect any distro's I have tried from booting into the installerl, but I would like to install using Patel's guide because the end result is much better than a distro. My system specs are: Dell Latitude E6410 i5-560M NVS 3100M 465GB HDD 6GB RAM BIOS A16 Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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