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  1. I've got problems with those too, I use the config.plist of the guide for sierra installation, but i get this: -Display not working correctly (I have to use an hdmi). Does your display work? -The tackpad works but it doesn't show anything in the pref panel. -Monitor preferences... It doesn't want to open. -The fn keys... I didn't try them. A quick question, do you get full booting resolution?, I mean my apple logo is at 1024x768.
  2. Hello, i´ve successfully installed sierra in the asus k55vd. At first i couldn't get to the installer because i got the black screen, but I realized that if I plugged in the hdmi I could get the screen working in both the tv an the laptop. This is weird an a little bit annoying because I have to do it every time I want to turn on OS X, also i can't get to the display configuration. Anyone could send me the dsdt so I can try to fix this? And another question, the gt 610M is unsupported, right? There's no way to get it working. I've been through 10.8 to 10.12 and i've neger been able to use it. Thanks in advance.
  3. 1366x768, i've already put this resolution in clover configurator, but when i'm in the bootloader it's 1024x768.
  4. Hey, I finally got everything working but i can't get the correct resolution in clover, any ideas? Tanks!
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