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  1. Yes, I managed to get keyboard backlight to work, I only could not get display backlight control to work
  2. Hi Jake Lo, Thank you for taking a look! I will attach my dsdt and the .txt with the patch from EMlyDinEsH Archive.zip
  3. Hi feartech, AsusSMC kext is not working for me. I managed to get EMlyDinEsH kext for fn keys working on my side (just to let everyone know: This kext from EMlyDinEsH is still working on the newest Catalina release!) I wanted to try to get the other kext for display backlight control from EMlyDinEsH to work but I am stuck at his patch for dsdt that needs a method called GCBL. In my dsdt there is no such method... If someone can help please let me know
  4. Hi Guys, How should I apply the ASUS Acpi Backlight PNLF NVIDIA Patch G50, when I do not have a GCBL Method in my DSDT? Method (_BCM, 1, NotSerialized) { Store (\_SB.PCI0.P0P1.VGA.GCBL (Arg0), Local0) Subtract (0x0F, Local0, LBTN) \_SB.PCI0.SBRG.EC0.STBR () }
  5. I wanted to add the ALS patch for my dsdt, but I am missing the method GCBL, is it possible that this method is named differently on my dsdt?
  6. Still the same issue its even worse. Jack sense is not working probably, External mic not working at all and sound crashes (breaks in silence)
  7. sry... I am not sure why it was deleted. I uploaded it again. archive.zip
  8. Hi Sherlocks, I have tried different ways for getting my sound to work (like editing AppleHDA + Clover patches), but for now (as I think is a lot better and more a hotpatching way) I am using the AppleALC.kext (https://github.com/vit9696/AppleALC). This is really a very very good project. In both ways sound is working, but with the same issues I have described in post #223 Thanks for taking a look on my setup. I really appreciate it. I have attached: codec dump from linux, my layout and platforms .xml files, the configured AppleALC.kext, configured EAPDfix.kext and EFI Clover folder edit. (forgot my configdata) <00a71c30 00a71d10 00a71e01 00a71f21 00a70c02 00b71c20 00b71d10 00b71e21 00b71f04 00b70c02 00c71c50 00c71d10 00c71e81 00c71f04 00c70c02 00d71c10 00d71d01 00d71e10 00d71f90 00d70c02 00e71cf0 00e71d00 00e71e00 00e71f40 00e70c02 00f71c60 00f71d10 00f71e81 00f71f21 00f70c20 01071cf0 01071d00 01071e00 01071f40 01171c40 01171d01 01171ea3 01171f90 01f71cf0 01f71d00 01f71e00 01f71f40 02071cf0 02071d00 02071e00 02071f40> If you need any other information let me know
  9. I was trying now several configs with the kext, I need more time to verify if speaker or headphone will lose sound again. What I can tell now is that External mic is still not working probably (every fix type the same behaviour). I took a stopwatch and checked that the external mic always stops working after exactly 1:04min. After that I have to replug it again to get it to work for another 1:04. Any idea? Edit. Internal Speaker lost sound now... Oh man... . And I thought Realtek would/could have been a better choice
  10. Hi Jake Lo, Thank you for your response. Some time ago I was experimenting with this kext with no success. I wanted to give it a new try, because it seems like this project is still growing/up to date. I see you have a Latitude E6420 (As I remember it has a very similar codec with the same outputs and inputs). Did you use this kext for this device?
  11. Hey Everyone, I hope someone can help me to solve some problems I am struggling for month now. My Nodes are: 0x0a with EAPD - Dock Line Out Jack (External) 0x0b with EAPD - Headphone Jack (External) 0x0c with EAPD - Microphone Jack (External) 0x0d with EAPD - Internal Speakers 0x0f with EAPD - Dock Line In Jack (External) 0x11 - Internal Microphone The problems: Sometimes, all of a sudden, I am losing sound on internal speakers (sound comes back when letting the machine to sleep and wake or just waiting for about 5-10min). Sometimes Headphones are giving no sound (but headphones are recognised) External Mic (made as Line In) is working just for 64sec, after that external microphone is not working anymore (it works again when you unplug and plugin the external microphone again) The only Node that seems to work fine is the internal mic (never experienced a failure here, input level always responses) Can this kext help to solve the issues? If yes, can someone help me/guide me how to setup the kext to make it work? I would be very grateful for any help,
  12. Can you explain, how to enable modem port? Kind Regards,
  13. Can anyone provide untouched applehda versions: 2.5.0 - 2.5.3 ? Kind Regards, hectorox
  14. reading your layout.xml and platforms.xml I see you have no Dockingstation LineOut implemented. Is it because you could not get it to work?
  15. Hi, Do you have a working Layout.xml and Platforms.xml file (with all inputs and outputs working for Latitude E6420) for el capitan? If yes, can you provide them,too?
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