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  1. I want to install the macOS on XPS13 9360, but I can't enter the installation interface. Is it because my DSDT is wrong? Can someone help me? i5 8250U / NVMe 256G / 8G / DW1830 CLOVER.zip
  2. Can I have some log to define the problem?
  3. Oh, I think my E7470 still crash, the screen suddenly froze.
  4. Oh, It works. I used a wrong config file. Thank you so much!
  5. The audio is working when I use BIOS 1.5.3 and your E7x70_Sierra.zip. After I update BIOS to 1.12.3, the macOS could not find wireless, ethernet adapter and audio. And then I try to downgrade to 1.5.3, it show me: ME Firmware EndUpdate Failed Error: 0x00002200. My current version is 1.12.3 DSDT/SSDT was extracted from 1.12.3 Working: sleep, wireless, bluetooth, ethernet adapter The audio still not working, after repair permission and rebuild cache.
  6. The file work with my wireless! Thank you Jake But I found that the audio not work. I think it is because I don't know how to fix the WIFI last week, so I have tried update the BIOS to 1.12.3
  7. Yes, I repatch the files. can not sleep, sometimes freezes (halt). I dont know how to fix it. can you help ? patched.zip
  8. I have some problem with the export of DSDT/SSDT, can not sleep, sometimes freezes (halt), and sometimes can not find Bluetooth.
  9. This problem is completely solved, after I use MaciASL export DSDT and SSDT. Thank you everybody.
  10. I tried DW1830 (BCM943602BAED), Bluetooth working, WIFI not working, very strange. Is the DSDT/SSDT not suitable for me?
  11. BIOS version is 1.5.3, Updating BIOS will help?
  12. I ran kextcache, after I copy kext. Will DSDT file affect? Such as some IDs. But I can not see allowing invalid signature BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext and BrcmPatchRAM2.kext
  13. Still not working, is there any other wireless card can be used? USB wireless?
  14. I replaced another DW1560 from seller, it show this error. Can we solve it? And Bluetooth doesn't work. AirPort_Brcm43XX::start: Failed PCIe configuration, this[0xb9cda7ec4edc74d] vendor[0x000014e4] device[0x000043b1], chip: vid[0x14e4] did[0x43a0] baro[0xe1200004]
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