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  1. What I want to do - I want a MAC OS - I want a Windows 7 What have I - Asus k55vm / Core i5, 8 GB Ram , HDD 750 GB, 8 GB flash drive with mac os x 8.0 for install hack How do I install - boot usb with hack installation - create GUID with 4 part disk0s1 efi [hidden] disk0s2 Mac - HFS disk0s3 Win 7 - msdos disk0s4 Data - HFS disk0s5 DATA - msdos - Install windows 7 on disk0s2 - Install Mac OS X on disk0s1 - boot from usb -x - delete NVidia drivers - install Clover BIG PROBLEM where save dsdt .. etc in /Volume/Mac/EFI directory or EFI part or directory and part How run windows with EFI ? Where find driver for wifi and touchpad for MAC What should I do if I want to have MAC Win Linux ? I not need windows if wifi work in Mac p.s. sorry my English is poor....
  2. I test install mac with EFI and have problem with Windows . My system with 1 hdd My last install with MBR - Install Windows - Install Mac - Windows boot from hdd / Mac from USB flash Work Video HD4000 and Audio no touchpad, wifi and card reader.
  3. Hello I have asus k55vm and I can not run Mac OS X with EFI. After installation: 1. Boot options-x-v 2. Delete kext files for NVIDIA 3. EFI to FAT32 format and get an error that I can not mount partition EFI (MSDOS) in SAFE MODE I tried to write files with another program (EFI Mounter.app) but it does not help Please if anyone can help how to install step by step Clover
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