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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, System specs: CPU: Intel Core i7-4700MQ (Haswell) Memory: 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz HDD: SATA: 1,5TB 5400RPM (1Empty SATA and 1 Empty SSD slot.) Graphics: Intel HD4600/Nvidia Geforce GT 745M Touchpad: Synaptics Audio: Conexant CX20751-11Z Wireless+BT: Intel Wireless-N 7260 Lan: Atheros AR8161/8165 So the wireless module does not work, i've replaced it with an Atheros AR5B93 which works OOB. Kexts injected by clover: Battery management works with Rehabman's ACPIBatterymanagement.kext and the default DSDT, no edits needed. Touchpad works with Rehabman's VoodooPS2Controller.kext. Just the kext, multitouch works and can be managed from the Trackpad panel. Ethernet works with ALXEthernet.kext. Kexts in S/L/E: AppleHDA.kext needs to be patched, files attached. AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext and AppleIntelHD5000Graphics.kext to correct the model, vram size and fix artifacts. Changes in AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext Config.plist: IOKitPersonalities > IOPCIPrimaryMatch > 0x04128086. Change to: 0x04168086 AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleIntelFramebufferAzul: Binpatch: 06 00 26 0A 01 03 03 03 00 00 00 02 00 00 30 01 00 00 60 00 00 00 00 60 D9 0A 00 00 Change to: 06 00 26 0A 01 03 03 03 00 00 00 02 00 00 30 01 00 00 90 00 00 00 00 80 D9 0A 00 00 Changes in AppleIntelHD5000Graphics.kext Config.plist: IOKitPersonalities > Gen7 > IOPCIPrimaryMatch > 0x04128086. Change to: 0x04168086 AppleIntelHD5000Graphics.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleIntelHD5000Graphics Binpatch: 86 80 12 04 Change to: 86 80 16 04 The DSDT has been sorted, some SSDT information has been added to disable the Optimus card. Patches applied: Inject audio ID: into method label _DSM parent_label HDEF remove_entry; into device label HDEF insert begin Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized)\n {\n If (LEqual (Arg2, Zero)) { Return (Buffer() { 0x03 } ) }\n Return (Package()\n {\n "layout-id", Buffer() { 0x03, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 },\n "hda-gfx", Buffer() { "onboard-1" },\n "PinConfigurations", Buffer() { },\n })\n }\n end; Backlight/Brightness fix: into_all device label PNLF remove_entry; into_all device name_adr 0x00020000 code_regex (OperationRegion\s\(RMPC,\sPCI_Config[^\}]*\}) remove_matched; into device name_adr 0x00020000 insert begin OperationRegion (RMPC, PCI_Config, 0x10, 4)\n Field (RMPC, AnyAcc, NoLock, Preserve)\n {\n BAR1,32,\n }\n Device (PNLF)\n {\n // normal PNLF declares (note some of this probably not necessary)\n Name (_ADR, Zero)\n Name (_HID, EisaId ("APP0002"))\n Name (_CID, "backlight")\n Name (_UID, 15)\n Name (_STA, 0x0B)\n //define hardware register access for brightness\n // lower nibble of BAR1 is status bits and not part of the address\n OperationRegion (BRIT, SystemMemory, And(^BAR1, Not(0xF)), 0xe1184)\n Field (BRIT, AnyAcc, Lock, Preserve)\n {\n Offset(0x48250),\n LEV2, 32,\n LEVL, 32,\n Offset(0x70040),\n P0BL, 32,\n Offset(0xc8250),\n LEVW, 32,\n LEVX, 32,\n Offset(0xe1180),\n PCHL, 32,\n }\n // LMAX: use 0xad9/0x56c/0x5db to force OS X value\n // or use any arbitrary value\n // or use 0 to capture BIOS setting\n Name (LMAX, 0xad9)\n // KMAX: defines the unscaled range in the _BCL table below\n Name (KMAX, 0xad9)\n // _INI deals with differences between native setting and desired\n Method (_INI, 0, NotSerialized)\n {\n // This 0xC value comes from looking what OS X initializes this\n // register to after display sleep (using ACPIDebug/ACPIPoller)\n Store(0xC0000000, LEVW)\n // determine LMAX to use\n If (LNot(LMAX)) { Store(ShiftRight(LEVX,16), LMAX) }\n If (LNot(LMAX)) { Store(KMAX, LMAX) }\n If (LNotEqual(LMAX, KMAX))\n {\n // Scale all the values in _BCL to the PWM max in use\n Store(0, Local0)\n While (LLess(Local0, SizeOf(_BCL)))\n {\n Store(DerefOf(Index(_BCL,Local0)), Local1)\n Divide(Multiply(Local1,LMAX), KMAX,, Local1)\n Store(Local1, Index(_BCL,Local0))\n Increment(Local0)\n }\n // Also scale XRGL and XRGH values\n Divide(Multiply(XRGL,LMAX), KMAX,, XRGL)\n Divide(Multiply(XRGH,LMAX), KMAX,, XRGH)\n }\n // adjust values to desired LMAX\n Store(ShiftRight(LEVX,16), Local1)\n If (LNotEqual(Local1, LMAX))\n {\n Store(And(LEVX,0xFFFF), Local0)\n If (LOr(LNot(Local0),LNot(Local1))) { Store(LMAX, Local0) Store(LMAX, Local1) }\n Divide(Multiply(Local0,LMAX), Local1,, Local0)\n //REVIEW: wait for vblank before setting new PWM config\n //Store(P0BL, Local7)\n //While (LEqual (P0BL, Local7)) {}\n Store(Or(Local0,ShiftLeft(LMAX,16)), LEVX)\n }\n }\n // _BCM/_BQC: set/get for brightness level\n Method (_BCM, 1, NotSerialized)\n {\n // store new backlight level\n Store(Match(_BCL, MGE, Arg0, MTR, 0, 2), Local0)\n If (LEqual(Local0, Ones)) { Subtract(SizeOf(_BCL), 1, Local0) }\n Store(Or(DerefOf(Index(_BCL,Local0)),ShiftLeft(LMAX,16)), LEVX)\n }\n Method (_BQC, 0, NotSerialized)\n {\n Store(Match(_BCL, MGE, And(LEVX, 0xFFFF), MTR, 0, 2), Local0)\n If (LEqual(Local0, Ones)) { Subtract(SizeOf(_BCL), 1, Local0) }\n Return(DerefOf(Index(_BCL, Local0)))\n }\n Method (_DOS, 1, NotSerialized)\n {\n // Note: Some systems have this defined in DSDT, so uncomment\n // the next line if that is the case.\n //External(^^_DOS, MethodObj)\n ^^_DOS(Arg0)\n }\n // extended _BCM/_BQC for setting "in between" levels\n Method (XBCM, 1, NotSerialized)\n {\n // store new backlight level\n If (LGreater(Arg0, XRGH)) { Store(XRGH, Arg0) }\n If (LAnd(Arg0, LLess(Arg0, XRGL))) { Store(XRGL, Arg0) }\n Store(Or(Arg0,ShiftLeft(LMAX,16)), LEVX)\n }\n Method (XBQC, 0, NotSerialized)\n {\n Store(And(LEVX,0xFFFF), Local0)\n If (LGreater(Local0, XRGH)) { Store(XRGH, Local0) }\n If (LAnd(Local0, LLess(Local0, XRGL))) { Store(XRGL, Local0) }\n Return(Local0)\n }\n // Use XOPT=1 to disable smooth transitions\n Name (XOPT, Zero)\n // XRGL/XRGH: defines the valid range\n Name (XRGL, 25)\n Name (XRGH, 2777)\n // _BCL: returns list of valid brightness levels\n // first two entries describe ac/battery power levels\n Name (_BCL, Package()\n {\n 2777,\n 748,\n 0,\n 35, 39, 44, 50,\n 58, 67, 77, 88,\n 101, 115, 130, 147,\n 165, 184, 204, 226,\n 249, 273, 299, 326,\n 354, 383, 414, 446,\n 479, 514, 549, 587,\n 625, 665, 706, 748,\n 791, 836, 882, 930,\n 978, 1028, 1079, 1132,\n 1186, 1241, 1297, 1355,\n 1414, 1474, 1535, 1598,\n 1662, 1728, 1794, 1862,\n 1931, 2002, 2074, 2147,\n 2221, 2296, 2373, 2452,\n 2531, 2612, 2694, 2777,\n })\n }\n end; Inject HD4600: into method label _DSM parent_adr 0x00020000 remove_entry; into device name_adr 0x00020000 insert begin Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized)\n {\n If (LEqual (Arg2, Zero)) { Return (Buffer() { 0x03 } ) }\n Return (Package()\n {\n "device-id", Buffer() { 0x16, 0x04, 0x00, 0x00 },\n "AAPL,ig-platform-id", Buffer() { 0x06, 0x00, 0x26, 0x0a },\n "hda-gfx", Buffer() { "onboard-1" },\n "model", Buffer() { "Intel HD 4600" },\n })\n }\n end; IMEI and MCHC devices added, and the default Haswell fixes. SSDT has been generated using using Piker-Alpha's script. Clover folder has been attached, it includes the injected kexts, DSDT and SSDT. CLOVER.zip Codec files for the AppleHDA codec.txt
  2. Please could someone help me make a dsdt for a toshiba satelite c650-15u for mavericks? Specifications: Intel® Pentium® Processor T4500 2.30GHz, FSB 800MHz, L2 cache 1 MB 4Go DDR3-1066 Double Layer DVD (works) GMA4500M graphics with 1366 x 768 LCD 1 × external monitor (don't know if this works) 1 × external microphone (don't know if this works) 1 × headphone (stereo) (doesn't work) 1 × integrated VGA Web Camera with built-in microphone (doesn't work) 2 × USB 2.0 (work with boot flag) 1 × Multi-Card Reader (don't know if this works) Atheros Wireless LAN (works with kext) Fast Ethernet (works) Audio (does not work) Keyboard keys are a bit messed up Pointing device works a bit messed up with kext Please help thanks
  3. Hello guys, I have a Toshiba NB500-100 and I couldn't manage to install ANY of the OS X Versions I tried with different USB-Sticks, and had problems since the beginning, - Snow Leopard did not boot, no chance to type anything into the BIOS. - On Mountain Lion and Mavericks: If I don't press any key, the Apple logo shows and stays like that. If I press a key and use either "-v" or "-x", a large log gets displayed too fast for me to keep up, and suddenly the screen turns black. Nothing more happens. Any help please? Thanks in advance.
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