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[SOLVED] High Sierra on Dell Latitude e6420 keeps crashing


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Hi Guys, well I thought I had figured out the problem with this last week but today it showed it's ugly face again and more often.  Since upgrading from Sierra to High Sierra last week I have had quite a few crashes where the OS is totally unreponsive so I'm just about ready to jump back to Sierra.  But before I do I was wondering if there was a way to see thru the Crash Logs what process, or app is causing the crashes.  


I have copied the Crash Log this afternoon.  But I don't really understand much in it.  


If anyone could be of assistance that would be great.  Thanks guys.



P.s   I switched the FaksSMC.kext to the latest in order for HWMonitor to work properly with latest Sensor kexts....wonder if that is the cause.

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I did that as well Bronxteck but made no difference.  To note after removing Dr. Cleaner and booting into safe mode two nights ago, my computer hasn't crashed again.  But then again I didn't use it to extensively yesterday.  


I'll keep you posted.  Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.



it does appear that the Dr. Cleaner app was the issue or part of the problem on High Sierra***


3 days now and no system crashes.  Although it did appear to lock up for a few seconds a few times, but never to the point that it became unresponsive and hence requiring a reboot.



 I reinstalled the OS via Time Machine Back up, all is working very well again, just like it was in Sierra.

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