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M6800 10.11 El Capitan Clover Internal Screen


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Not my first hackintosh, but my first Dell laptop hackintosh.


I followed this Guide: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/7851-dell-precision-m6800-mobile-workstation-wip/


I used his boot pack and generated a new serial with SMBIOS and confirmed that I had the same board ID. I have the NVIDIA Web Drivers up and running.


If I boot normally, my external monitors work but the internal one is blank. If I boot with nv_disable=1 the internal screen works but the external monitors are blank (and no graphics acceleration on the internal monitor obviously)


I have switchable graphics disabled, I booted to linux and it does look like my screen is connected via eDP. Is this what is causing this? Does anyone know how to get both internal and external screens to work at the same time? Or to be able to disable the nvidia drivers and work off the internal screen on the fly? (maybe an app?)


Here's my clover folder and IOreg:





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does your bios have an option to set your primary display to internal lcd first or external? not optimus option.

I've checked and haven't seen one. I'm on A16 because that's what was referenced in the guide.


I upgraded to MacOS High Sierra because I was bored and now I can't even get the internal screen to work without acceleration. It just goes blank when i boot with nv_disable=1. I tried this:


The external display is connected through the Nvidia, so if it's disabled, you'll only have Internal display.

Yes, eDP is what's causing the dark internal display from working, no fix that I know of.

Hmm okay. Is it possible to get full acceleration working on the internal screen with the Intel HD graphics?


Let "Switchable graphic" on then you can use internal LCD via intel HD4600 and external LCD via Nvidia

When i turn on switchable Graphics OSX won't boot :/

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