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[Short GUIDE] Install High Sierra on Lenovo X201 [i5 520M]

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Hello, I followed this method and now I can boot via USB, but when I boot it via SSD, which installed Clover, cannot boot.
When I do that, the white apple and indicator appear, but after that it turned into a gray screen.
My X201 has i5 560M, 8GB RAM, and 64GB SSD.
I've already deleted the DSDT and SSDT's from ACPI/Patched.

Please tell me what I should do next...

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I have the same model as yours but somehow it is hard for me to get clover to work.

I created a clover USB with the Bootdisk Utility and copied your EFI-to reach files to the USB (needed to overwrite, when I delete them and use yours I get blinking cursor, aswell as when I keep the files from the BU tool, so I need to paste and overwrite your files), as soon as I boot the clover USB i dont have another USB showing up with the Mac OS on it, the problem is, I dont have a mac to create a Mac OS usb, only have the dmg file, which I tried to convert to img, but didnt work either. Any other tips?

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Hello, thank you for the tutorials.


But it seems that the EFI-to reach installer.zip link is down, could you please upload it again?



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