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Dell 7577 kabylake GTX 1060

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For your information.


I update my clover directory with your zip


start the computer on the USB and press f4 when clover start


after this, i have this :




now, you want me to test:


Remove from /S/L/E and test 





but, when i can delete the file in /System/Library/Extentions/ in my usb key ?


where is this directory ? on the usb key ?




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an option could be to use clovers kext to patch feature of find and replace and edit something in the binary to cause it not to load..... like maybe replace the word apple in the binary with something else like axxle the replacement has to have the same amount of characters as the find



so in hex apple is 6170706c65 

in base 64 apple is YXBwbGU=



and the word axxle is 6178786c65

in base 64 apple is YXh4bGU=


the kexts you want to modify are as follows 






use the same find and replace patch pattern for all 3 kexts.


for comment you can put

patch to not load applei2c

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