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Finishing High Sierra Installation in E6430


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First let me thank everyone for all the guides, notes and contribution. Really thank you.


Ok.. I have a Dell E6430 laptop. I changed the Wireless card for one compatible, and installed a 500GB SSD. 


I'm installing High Sierra. I followed the guide "Dell Latitude / Inspiron / Precision / XPS - Clover Guide" and all the installation process went perfect. I just go trouble to manage to start the mac OS without the Pendrive, but that's working now.


Now my problem is the post installation. I followed the rest of the guide but for some reason it's not working. 


My issues are the following:


  • USB Port not working. (This one is very weird, only the left usb port works. The right ones are not working)
  • Sound is not working.
  • Battery status not working.
  • Webcam is not working.
  • HDMI (not tested yet)
  • VGA (not tested yet)


So far my biggest concern is the USB and sound, .


I used the  E6430_A12.zip.


Please find attached a copy of my EFI folder of the USB installer. The same content is in the EFI partition of the laptop.


Any help will be truly appreciated.


Thanks in advance






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That's the step 7 of the post installation guide right? 


I did that. But that make reference to L/E (/Library/Extensions), do I need to do the same and put the kexts in /System/Library/Extensions?


Do you guys think it could be something about the Clover start. That's where I struggled a lot. And I don't know If I'm preventing something to start correctly.


I don't know if this is useful but attach is the EFI partition of my hard drive.


Again, thanks a lot.


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