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Install MacOS On Acer Aspire 7739 Possible?


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Hello everyone, i can't sign in on my old account, cause i don't have my old email/facebook, i was hacked, so, i hope, Hervé can read this message, he was the one who help me to build my first Hackintosh, with my Old Dell D620 i have done it mostly due a Hervé, one of the adm. so,

Today, i post this, cause i tried to install MacOS for a week and i didn't get even the install boot menu, even knowing i'm working with retail dmg images.

I need to now, is there a possibility to install easy MacOS on this Laptop?

i say easy, cause to make my Dell D620 i use MyHack, that was release by OXLatitude, today things are changing.

Anyway, if someone can answer my questions and if possible some tips would be great, i'll live here complete specs of my machine.


  • CPU: Intel dual-core i3-380M @2.53GHz
  • Chipset: Intel HM55
  • RAM: 4GB DDR3
  • Graphics: 1st gen Intel HD + nVidia GeForce 610M on 17" display
  • Audio: Reaktek ALC ???
  • LAN: Atheros AR8152/8158 FastEthernet
  • Wifi: Atheros AR5B125 (AR9485)
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myHack development stopped at Mavericks several years ago. Since then, you build your USB installer using a manual process detailed in the many guides posted in the Guides section of the forum or through Apple's createinstallmedia command (you can google for it). Stay away from distros, you'll only have trouble.


On paper, your laptop's specs are fully compatible with all recent versions of OS X/macOS. But you have dual GPU so support for the nVidia 610M will have to be confirmed (somehow, I have doubts) and 1st gen Intel HD may be fully or only partially supported. You'll have to refer to the Bible on 1st gen Intel HD graphics to verify where you stand. If nVidia dGPU is not supported and your cannot gain full graphics acceleration with the Intel HD iGPU, forget OS X/macOS on this laptop.

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after remake 2 usb Install drives, i've only used retail dmg files from apple store, i have a MacBook 5.1 Unibody Late 2008 now, but support only El Capitan,,, i tried again, 

Yosemite wan't load correctly, still stucks in the midle of loading process

El Capitan can't boot ( laptop tell's me no bootable device), i reboot again the laptop,,

Usb Install Yosemite boots and finally,, i get Apple Install Menu,,,,mouse is working as well usb, no keyboard, now is "installing " let's see the result, screenshots above.

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i trie to install the correct kexts and now, he boot's normally, take some time, however, after typing my password keep's turning think is stuck, but i have Yosemite desktop image on screen,, 

in fact my Yosemite Drive from my Acer Laptop, is a MicroSD card HighSpeed 32G,,i didn't wan't to messup with my girls windows drive,,

on the plist created he identify has MacBook Pro 6.1,, i've setup post install i've read carfully however now is keep's spinning after typing my password,, 

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