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E7450 : Problem with High Sierra installer


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Hi Jake,


Impossible for me to boot successfully on an USB stick prepared using the procedure on this site. I am disappointed


I have tried several bootpacks with no luck. Only one is working "E7450_HD5500_Only_A17_HS", I modified it with nvidia disabled and during boot, it give the result attached to this post. Stuck during graphics initialize.


My E7450 is equipped with a Nvidia Chip 840.


I join the origin folder.


Many thanks for help.







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I have already updated to A17


When i try with bootpack 840 disabled in non verbose mode it stay on the apple with the white progress bar not moving  I can try tomorrow in verbose mode to get détails 


thank you for help

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It is perfectly normal if progress bar not moving during booting of HS installation from USB for about 30-60 seconds. Please use verbose and if it looks that nothing happens after RAM disk initialization, please wait a little. It should continue after some time.


Please have a little patience, but If it is stoped for more that 90 seconds, something is probably wrong.

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Hi viking


yes I have been patient for more than 90 sec.


You seem to have a quite similar configuration except I have a i5-5300U.

Which boot pack did you use ? I have modified the DVMT in the bios with EFI Shell and this PC has been working with Sierra this summer. I have lost my backup with EFI folder so I need to re install all.

so I just want to try high Sierra and no chance this time .....

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Basically it's almost identical as Jake's bootpack, but I compile it myself. Some kexts are slightly newer then those from Jake's bootpack, config is slightly modified, but there is no real difference, since config and patches are made by Jake, with same selection of kexts. 


Since I had a lot of struggle in the beginning myself, I can tell you few things.
Restore BIOS defaults, there is no need for that patch anymore (there is a kext in bootpack for that). Be sure that you are using UEFI and Enable Legacy Option ROMs. Create USB with createinstallmedia from terminal, do not use old method. If you already have Clover on your drive, during all install steps press F12 every time and select USB from boot menu - this one made me a lot of headaches. 
Follow Jakes instructions (just ignore everything related to updating of Sierra bootpack): 
Use this EFI
and this bootpack (if you have NVidia)
or this bootpack (if you have Intel only and do not have NVidia)
Please boot with verbose, until you finish installation.
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Many thanks Viking for help


I just installed again Sierra 10.12.6 this weekend (on a small 64Go SSD) without any problem.so i am very surprised that High Sierra is so difficult to manage with...


I will try your procedure as soon as possible.


I was on the point to give up so let's try again

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HS just require some different patches and more values set in config than old versions, but everything is basically the same.


Installer structure is changed a little, but it should be still possible to use old mount/copy/paste method of creating USB if you want. I honestly prefer new method since it's faster and more clear (at least for me).


Just use right version of bootpack that match your system and follow Jake's guide.

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