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Mateusz Pisarek

DELL Latitude 6430 Upgrade from Mavericks to Sierra, El captain with no lose of data?

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Hello every one, thanks for this great forum! 


I have a problem, Soon there will be release of a new program which requires OSX 10.11.6 at least!


Curenntly I am running Mavericks on Dell 6430 with i7 3740HQ 256 SSD, Optimus Enabled, Bios 11, AHCL enabled,


I stll have a bootable USB with my instalation to Mavericks, I used myhack to do it from that topic : 



with little updates from other topics. 


I have WI FI compatible, the only things that do not works are HDMI, Bluetooth and Card reader...


My question is:


Is it possible to upgrade Mavericks to the system at least 10.10.6?

I heard that other OSX works slower than Mavericks, I do not feel a need to do it but new software is pushing me to do that, is it true?

Which is best option?

I forget to mention I would like to keep my programs and data, I saw somebody done it straight from Apple store but it was PC case.

I love Mavericks but need to move futher ;/. Thank you in advance!

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You can upgrade by making a fresh installation os say Yosemite or El Capitan over your existing one. This will keep all your exising data, files and apps.

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1. It means that I can install El capitan on existing Mavericks USB and keep all EFI files there? I need just to replace the installation, right?


2. What about my other questions? Could you evolve your next post, please? Can I make my HDMI, Bluetooth and Card reader working after it?


3. Is it not better to copy all files on external drive and make a clean installation from very beginning?


4. Do you have a easier than my hack fully working guide to installation consisting hdmi and bluetooth working ability?


PS. I need at leat 10.11.6...so El Captain, Sierra or ultra Sierra...


Thank you!!!

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You can look up JakeLo's guide for Latitude/Precision/Inspiron in the Guides section.


Re: card reader, it should work OOB once you apply the necessary little DSDT patch. Details are posted in the R&D->Hardware->SD Card Reader section.

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You can create a Clover boot partition on a spare USB drive, use bootpack from here.

See if you could boot from it and select your Maverick OS. If it boots, then you could use Appstore to upgrade.

You'll need to install Clover onto the drive and copy the bootpack over from the USB partition.


Or you could create a new Clover Installer and install over as Hervé suggested.


Note: Install over the existing drive, DO NOT format the drive otherwise you'll lose everything.

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