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Asus A52JU - Shutdown-Problem - HS 10.13.2


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Hallo, at first sorry about my english. Im from Germany.


I have installed High Sierra on Asus A52JU Notebook. It works fine. There is only a shutdown problem.


When i click on shutdown, osx shutdown but not the Notebook. Cooler is running and Displaylight is on.


In Clover i use "Fix Shutdown" but no luck. Then i use Evoreboot.kext and Osx can't boot. I use the Bootstick to repair.


I need help for the shutdown problem.




Model: Asus A52JU

Mainboard: Asus K52JU

CPU: I3 370M

GPU: ATI Radeon HD 6370M

Chipset: HM55

Sound: Conexant CX...

WLAN: Broadcom

LAN: jMicron

OSX: 10.13.2

Bootloader: Clover

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Your IOReg shows a JMicron JMC250 GigEthernet controller attached to GLAN device @0,5 under parent device [email protected],5. Unlike your Broadcom BCM4352, I'm not sure that JMicron card is actually supported under OS X/macOS. There was an attempted driver several years ago; you may want to give it a try:


https://www.osx86.net/files/file/934-j-micron-jmc250-ethernet/ (64bit-only kext)


Regarding battery, you have no driver to monitor its status so download and install Rehabman's latest ACPIBatteryManager kext.


On another note, you should remove the following add-on kexts from your Clover kexts folder:

  • Snow Leopard 10.6.7's AppleAPCIPlatform v1.3.5; it's totally unnecessary (was only required in Lion and ML).
  • NullCPUPowerManagement; you want vanilla CPU power management with P States and C States generation in your Clover config (which you have); you may also remove those CPU PM related SSDT drops...
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I have removed the kext's. The error remains the same. The notebook does not shut down.


Because of the battery ...   I tried AppleAPCIPlatform.kext and VoodooBattery.kext. Both do not work.

Because of Ethernet ...   The card is displayed under hardware, but does not work. The name is also not displayed. Only Ethernet controller.


Battery and Ethernet is not so important. The shutdown problem is more important.


I upload again a current debug file, after the changes.


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