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Dell 5580 (Kabylake) and macOS 10.13.3


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my hardware specs :


Dell Latitude 5580, Bios ver 1.7.5

Intel® Core i5-7440HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz,

IntelHD 630, Device ID: 0x591b (Kabylake mobile ?)

Display 1920 x 1080


SATA HDD 256GB Liteon CV3

Clover 4411, UEFI

macOS 10.13.3 High Sierra on usb disk


thanks to all here

found many tips and tricks


macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 is running,

but have some troubles

audio is not working, (devices are not recognised)

trackpad not working (voodooi2c gives errors)

wifi (its intel)

sleep is partially working (after sleep no usb and bad video (Desktop.png))

hdmi out


thanks for your tips








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Intel Wifi won't be supported, will need to be replaced with maybe DW1560 or DW1830

For Display issue after sleep, try this EDID fix

I patched the files for you, remove some of the unnecessary kexts as well.

Can't guarantee the touchpad will work, but it's a first attempt.

Replace the attached contents into /EFI/Clover

Hopefully fix audio.


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hey man your my hero !!!


audio is working

keyboard and trackpad were working , due a test of sleep, screen crashed, usb stopped working

after reboot I can't get keyboard to work again

voodoops2 is loaded


where can I find the bootlog ?

Cant upload ioreg



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did some tests

made a clean new install on the internal ssd, with 10.13.3

audio is now working without codeccommander

only keyboard and trackpad is not working

keyboard is working for login, FN-keys are working too, then it stops

trackpad is never working

voodoops2 is in E/C/k/

voodooi2c is not working 


update :

voodoops2 in /S/L/E works 


update 2:

inject EDID via Clover does not work, screen after sleep is like in post #1



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i remove it

in /S/L/E its not working, get kernel panic

in EFI/C/k/o the voodoops2 is blocked (works only for login, then stops)


testet now :

with voodooi2c and voodooi2CHID in EFI/C/k/O the keyboard is not working


strange things going on here


while im writing this the keyboard stops working

now im on usb keyboard


any suggestions ?


can't upload ioreg, the zip is to big (2,7mb)

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