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  1. Hi after reading this Forum and others, I am happy with my Dell 7040 this is my EFI Folder for my Optiplex 7040 with Monterey 12.1 Beta 4, OC 0.7.6 i5 6500, IntelHD 530, 1 Monitor to DP and 1 on HDMI Optiplex_7040.zip
  2. Hallo got it did some test, in another forum there was the hint to prevent AGDP from loading : Name: com.apple.driver.AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy Search: BA050000 00 Replace: BA000000 00 Comment: prevent AGDP from loading and that did it for me Hot plug is working too only HDMI audio is not there (need some tests, pachting ) and there no Sync-options in Menu-bar config1.plist.zip
  3. Sorry no way , System freeze when monitor connect, or monitor power on or off how to get all weg debug info ? in Hackintool I see less , then at start Thanks
  4. I am on a Dell 5580 too the system is to 99% perfect audio, wlan(Broadcom), sleep, touchpad is working expect HDMI output all i do it ends in a reboot or the system hangs I never see the external monitor in IORegistryexplorer or Hackintool any Help please Thanks EFI.zip
  5. Hallo have here a desktop PC running macOS High Sierra Specs: Intel i7 6700 Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB SSD : SAMSUNG MZNTY256HDHP-00000 sata m2 module 4 x USB 2 6 x USB 3 2 x Displayport and 1 DVI Audio is working with AppleALC.kext (2.4) to Line-Out don't have a Displayport-Hdmi cable all is running fine, but i have troubles patching DSDT ​every DSDT that I compiled , I can't startup Regards debug_24256.zip
  6. Hallo it works only with this method : restart in Clover, press Fn,F8 (to make HDMI monitor the main screen, and the only working, internal changes to black) lets start thats all but I can't activate the internal screen keys Fn,F8 is not working in macOS is this standard ? Regards HDMI_Audio_works.zip
  7. Hallo again did some tests to setup my "hackmacbook" dual monitor is working, 1. internal and 2. external via HDMI but I can't get HDMI audio to work sometimes I have the device in ioregistryexplorer (see file ) but I can't say why the next restart its gone. did some searches, but Kabylake is a littlebit difficult found something about device HDAU, but its not existing in my DSDT FakePCIID.kext and FakePCIID_Intel_HDMI_Audio.kext isn't working too Regards IOHDACODECDevice_exist.zip config.plist.zip
  8. Hallo for me it wasn't working the first time, install and restart is not enough you have to do a clean install with your Clover with your patched DSDT and your kexts and any patches in config.plist you made your hackintosh working after that I had audio working right from the beginning regards
  9. Hallo please can you share your ioreg for audio : my is a ALC256, i'm injecting audioid "56" and have the SSDT-ALC256.aml in E/C/A/patched no need for codeccommander thanks
  10. hallo sorry shame on me did install windows 10 the touchpad is not a precision touch thanks debug_16910.zip
  11. hallo debug with voodooI2C installed in C/k/o it is a precision touchpad Regards debug_28090.zip
  12. hallo i´m still at work but i can say the interuptspecifiers are 10 for I2C0 11 for I2C1 is " precision trackpad" the manufacterer? all i can say its an ALPS thanks Unbenannte_Nachricht.zip
  13. hallo lets try sorry i dont have windows on the latitude now can ubuntu live help thanks
  14. Hallo again , next version voodooI2C is not installed, only voodooPS2 keyboard only works till I touch the touchpad or the touchpad- buttons !!! touchpad never working tested PinConfigurations : 0, 11, 1B, 55 Regards debug_27706.zip
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