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M4800-Bootloop after updating to 12.6


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Hi all,

Long time since I've post, as my system has been running fine. However, I recently updated to 10.12.6 and got stuck in a boot loop. Did a quick search and I suspect that the outdated version of lilu.kext could be the culprit. Tried to boot with -liluoff and got black screen. 


Can anyone help me to get back on? Please be a bit detail as I am still a newbie.

What I am thinking is creating a USB Clover loader then mount the EFI on the hdd and update the kext, is that correct?

Thanks all.

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Maybe update your USB installer with the new Lilu.kext and boot with it 

Mount the EFI partition and then update the Lilu.kext there

The FixHeader option can be found under Options when you boot to Clover. Under ACPI fixes, go to the very bottom, you should see the FixHeaders option.

Permanently add it to Config.plist with Clover Configurator

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I was able to boot with -v -s and -nv_disable=1


Updated lilu to 1.2.1 and nvidiagraphicsfixup from here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/nvidiagraphicsfixup/?source=typ_redirect

Updated Clover as well. Still stuck in boot loop. Any ideas?


I am thinking of doing a 10.13 clean install if all fails. If that's the case, what should I pay attention to compared to 10.12? Should I remove the Windows SSD before reinstalling? 

I am having 1 SSD for hackintosh, 1 SSD for Windows and 1 HDD for data in my M4800

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