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DSDT Patch Request for GPIO Pinning

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Hey fellas,


I have seen that quite a lot of you are struggling to get your trackpad working while using VoodooI2C kext.


That's probably because you are unable to do the GPIO pinning which is needed in 99% of the cases.


Although, I am busy due to my exams I will try to help you with the patching in whatever free time I can manage.


Here's what you need to do in order to file a request:




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Hey! Sorry but your IOREG is corrupt. (weird that your IORegistryExplorer.app passed the check for version 2.1 in gen_debug)


I am seeing that quite often. Guess there is some version of IORegExplorer floating around that pretends to be ver2.1 but is actually not. Anyways.


Please delete the IORegistryExplorer.app from /Applications folder and then, re-run the script. It will automatically download the correct version for you.


Also, have you tried patching yourself? If yes, how far did you manage to go?


EDIT: Never mind. I have pushed an update for gen_debug (ver2.4.2) that checks for IORegistryExplorer in a different way. So, just update your copy and it will do everything auto-magically.



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You missed the stuffs that I asked you about your machine upon booting Windows. Please provide me with those.



Furthermore, you have an interesting setup. Your trackpad is on an hybrid interface. So, technically, until a interrupt for I2C is sent, your trackpad will stay on PS2 bus. Hence, you need to boot into windows and tell me the BIOS name of your trackpad as it will be in PTP (precision touchpad) mode under windows.


Then, to get interrupt specifiers, you need to boot your machine with VoodooI2C.kext and Windows 10 _OSI patch applied. (No other patch should be applied). I know it's a lot. But it is the only option.


keyboard only works till I touch the touchpad or the touchpad- buttons !!!

Even when you boot without VoodooI2C?



Okay. I have some good news. The fact that you mentioned that keyboard stops working once you touch your touchpad helped a lot. You can see (if you have a lil bit of this technical knowledge) that your trackpad and keyboard share a hybrid PS2 and I2C interface. They both have share the same ACPI ID too (PS2K).


So, you will need to have an I2C driver for keyboard too. Which doesn't exist. But, the good news is I am already working on it and will try to complete it ASAP.


There is one barrier in the way i.e. I don't have any hardware to test it on. So, you will need to be around for the testing.


Please PM me and then we can take it on from there.



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