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ASUS N53SV Sierra Upgrade


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Hello everyone,


after following instructions on this site i have been running Yosemite on my Asus N53SV for years now.

Nothing wrong with my system but i think its time to move to the next OS before im left without support.

Issue is I tried upgrading straight from the apps store but didn't work.

then i tried following same steps as i did on yosemite but using Sierra and still dint work.

I cant even get in to the install screen. 


Maybe my Yosemite Kexts dont work under Sierra ?


Any help will be appreciated.


Here are my Specs.


Asus N53SV


(originally 720p but i upgraded the panel to 1080P so i had to perform a patch)

Intel quadcore i7

8GB Ram

512 SSD



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