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Dell N7447 i7: half working Hackintosh + want to upgrade to High Sierra


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I using hackintoshzone tool to install Mac Sierra on my Dell N7447 i7-4720HQ, and after this I was do all think to make my Dell work properly well, like install kext patch DSDT using MacASL. After this my Dell work semi Mac, like have battery percent, can use bluetooth and airdrop because I change my wifi card to Broadcom, I so confuse about update to High Sierra because, onetime I try it and it break my Mac system, can any one help me with this problem here is all my clover(native 4439) and information,

After all, sorry for my bad in using English, thanks 

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Check to see if all these are working:

  • Full graphics Acceleration QE/CI
  • Sleep / Wake
  • PowerManagement
  • Speaker / Headphone Audio
  • HDMI / DP video / Audio
  • Touchpad / Trackpad
  • LAN / wireless 
  • iMessage
  • Webcam


I noticed your Nvidia card is not disabled to save battery, who patched the DSDT / SSDT for you?

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  • Full graphics Acceleration QE/CI ( intel HD4600 1536mb)
  • Sleep/Wake (working after patch dsdt)
  • PowerManagement (working after patch dsdt)
  • Speaker/Headphone Audio (AppleHDA patched and working full)
  • HDMI ( no tested yet)
  • Touchpad/Trackpad (voodoP2S N7447 using synaptic trackpad)
  • Lan ( working form install 10.12.3) Wireless ( replace intel card with Broadcom 4352 and working full bluetooth/wireless and airdrop)
  • iMessage (networking, I don't know why I try many way to fix this)
  • Webcam( working tested in FaceTime but my FaceTime can't login same to iMessage)


I patch DSDT for my self by learning from other forum and I using Rehabman patch

My nVidia card was disabled buy using patch to save battery, my fan is cooler

My computer run MacOS cooler than Windows


Just help me know what problem I have, I'm trying to download high Sierra right now, thanks y

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