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E7440 i5 upgraded to 10.13.4 --no audio :(


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Well opted to do an update using a full installer USB as the app store updates never work (unable to find install files after it reboots). that all went well (except i forgot to manually disable the APFS feature and it converted my SSD to APFS :( which now throws up errors before loading clover, but then loads up ok if a little slow). Upgraded clover to v4438.

Everything is working but audio.

I have re-installed the AppleHDA_ALC292.kext

Installed latest Lilu.kext

Installed latest CodecCommander.kext

Repaired permissions and rebuilt caches as per standard -- no errors were reported

Still can not get Audio working. No audio hardware found..

No changes to clover config.plist from 10.13.3


checking system info it shows the AppleHDA_ALC292.kext is loaded but the newer AppleHDA.kext (vanilla 10.13.4) has not loaded..


What am i missing here... ??

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If you go the dummy ALC292 way, make sure you:

  • patch AppleHDA for ALC292 (see my E6440 guide for details; you can either bin mod the kext or apply Clover on-the-fly patches))
  • inject layout 1 in your HDEF DSDT device (or through Clover)

Alternatively, keep everything vanilla and install AppleALC kext and inject layout 12 (or 28 or 29). 12 worked on my E6440.




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