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[SOLVED] Custom Brightness Control Keys on Lenovo Z70-80


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I want to know How to remap my keyboard to brightness control keys. I have a Lenovo Z70-80 laptop with Core i7-5500 and my graphics card is Intel HD Graphics 5500 running macOS HS 10.13.6

I followed the RebahMan Guide Patching DSDT/SSDT for LAPTOP backlight control and in a special part it says that if the VoodooPS2Controller.kext doesn't works correctly with your own keyboard We can custom it.

Then, I follow the next steps:

Determining EC query methods:

- install ACPIDebug.kext: https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-ACPI-Debug - I installed on S/L/E

- add the ACPIDebug repo to MaciASL "Sources" per README - It is on sources by default

- apply ""Add DSDT Debug Methods" - I added this to my DSDT

- apply "Instrument EC Queries" - I added this to my DSDT

- I added debug.txt too

- In Readme debug says 3 steps, but this final step:

Third, add code to your DSDT to where you wish to cause trace messages to system.log (call \RMDT.PUSH). - I don't understand this part or what code I should add. Please I need support with this special part.

- I added additionally ioio binary file to /usr/bin/ , like it says in the guide

- reboot

- monitor system.log as you press your brightness keys

After I reboot I pressed all FN keys, one by one and with combinations with Fn+ key but nothing.

My DSDT. aml patched file is in /Clover/ACPI/patched and like it says in guide the system.log is created in root, I can understand is the same folder where is my DSDT, after pressed the keys. It doesn't appear anything file.

I don't know maybe I made a mistake in the process.

01- I attached my DSDT patched.
02. I get some keys code with the app KeyCodes running over macOS and I tried the same with my microsoft keyboard in my hackintosh Pc and codes are the same. I attached all pictures about it. 

Please help me with the solution.

Thanks in advance

Microsoft Keys Codes - 01.png

Lenovo Keys code-02.png

Lenovo Keys code-01.png


Microsoft Keys Codes - 02.png


Finally I solved my issue here


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Hello @Tosol Could You help me with remap my keyboard keys like you mention in your post of installation in your Yoga 500 ?


'' Screen brightness (with keyboard hotkeys but not Fn11-12 like on Lenovo, use Fn-Pause+ScrLk - remapped by Prefs/Keyboard/Shortcuts/ to F11-12 ''

Please I need your support.


Thanks in advance.


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