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Dell Vostro 3446 upgrade/clean install Mojave

Abhishek Pal

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Apple released mojave and i wanted to give it a try on my this hackbook, So I tried the Mac App Store upgrade, it reboots via clover and then stuck on Apple logo and progress bar screen with nearly 10% progress.


I waited for 15 minutes on the screen and then force shutdown.


It had made an additional entry in clover, that's it.


then, I made a mojave Installer with the EFI files of my High Sierra boot HDD. 

Installer boots in and presents the screen to install macOS mojave successfully, I select it to install on a new partition on the same SATA HDD, it says Installer will take 5 minutes, the process completes and then it reboots back into the second level of Apple logo and progress bar. There it stuck at almost 8.97632% of progress. 

It took almost an hour and then it got through and got installed on the disk on a different partition than High sierra. 


Now, when I try to boot with the mojave partition, it rests on the booting screen and terminates half way and reboots. 

I could not got it working, the working audio on my existing high Sierra is borked now. 

I am getting below Clover options. 

Not sure where to head now. Are there any boot flag i would require or need to do anything else?


Please help. 





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