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Dell 5548 Hd5500 Audio etc. problem on Mojave

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İ have Dell 5548

i5 5200u Broadwell


8gb ram


Im made clean install Mojave and I try my old High Sierra working kext and clover file but audio hd5500 and brightness doesn't work now. And I think external graphic card not disabled because cpu fan work too fast and drain my battery. Thank for helps.


Edit:I must remove Appleintelbdwframebuffer.kext because not boot with that kext.


Send me MacBook-Air.zip

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How do you expect to have graphics with QE/CI if you delete the kext responsible for it (Appleintelbdwframebuffer.kext)?

You'll need to restore it.

The discrete is disabled, it's not showing up in the IOReg. You're probably just don't have power management enabled.

Here, replace attached files into /EFI/Clover. If still not brightness, then move AppleBacklightInjector.kext into /L/E

Repair permissions and rebuild cache


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Thank you reinstall os and use your file my audio and hd5500 working now. 


I have dw-1560  wireless card on my laptop but. iMessage and FaceTime doent work. I try all guide on internet but I can't fix it. You see any problem on my files ? I try MacBook Air 7.1 7.2 and MacBook Pro 12 which one is better for me ? 


Note: Airdrop Handoff  İcloud App Store etc. work well.

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