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Dell E7250 Panic error when installing Mojave


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Hi, i have now tried several times to get OSX Mojave installed on my Dell E7250, but without any luck

my specs.

Intel Core i5 5300U
Intel® HD Graphics 5500

1920*1080 res

Ive attached my EFL folder and a screenshot of the Panic.

Hope anybody can help me out or someone that has the OSX Mojave installed on his own Dell E7250 and are willing to share his EFL

Thnx alot for your time and for this amazing forum



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It's hard to believe that all those tables in your Clover EFI ACPI/patched folder are actually patched tables. Maybe you can enlighten us on this.


You've setup Clover with PluginType 1 so you should no require to drop those 2 x SSDT tables as shown in your config. In addition, Haswell iMac14,2 SMBIOS is wrong for your Broadwell laptop; you should be using something like MacBookPro12,1 or MacBookAir7,1.


You should consult the guides that JakeLo posted for those E7x50 models and retrieve a clover config from there.

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Ive got it installed using files from other threads :)


Now only thing i am missing are wireless and ethernet connection.

Does anyone have working wireless network on an Mojave E7250? or am i forced to buy new wireless card?

Do we have any USB wireless dongles that work out of the box, then ill just buy an new one?


How do i boot my system without my USB? do we have any guide for it?


Ive attached my for now final EFI settings

Dell E7250 EFI Settings.zip


Thnx for your help

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