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[Closed] AppleHDA Patch Request


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I am having issues with ALC299 (ALC3271) on Dell XPS 9370 on 10.14.4.

As non of the provided layout-ids had been working for me, I had rebuild AppleALC.

With one the Speakers and Mic are working. Also Headphone detection is working, but no sound.

The other one gives me working Speakers. Mic and Headphone are detected but non of them is working.

I tried to send verbs with had-verb to fix the combo jack without success.


I would appreciate any help you guys can give, thanks in advance!


UPDATE 3.5.:

All PinConfigurator Apps did not work for me, so I patched it manually.

Changed layout and platform xmls.

Everything is working now. Speaker, Mic, HP.  ;-))))))))))))))




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Thanks for your excellent guide InsanelyDeepak. Learnt a lot. Followed the guide and patched AppleHDA kext. HDMI patch not yet applied. Please see file pin_configs.txt to see the process I have followed to generate ConfigData in HDAConfigDefault.

Patched AppleHDA.kext in /s/l/e

DSDT is patched for layout=2 and IRQ

SSDT-UIAC and SSDT-XOSI required for USB port limit and trackpad respectively

Other ACPI patches applied through config.plist


Result: No devices .  ( I get the same result using Mirone's AppleHDAPatcher v1.9)


Please help


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