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[Closed] AppleHDA Patch Request


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Hello everyone,


Post here if you need help with Patching AppleHDA or want to do it yourself but still needs help 


How to get Codec Dump :

   1. Use Ubuntu or Any Version of Linux Distro (Note : Use the latest version of Linux and Alsa drivers )
   2. Open Terminal and copy paste below Code :

cd ~/Desktop && mkdir CodecDump && for c in /proc/asound/card*/codec#*; do f="${c/\/*card/card}"; cat "$c" > CodecDump/${f//\//-}.txt; done && zip -r CodecDump.zip CodecDump

   3. On Desktop there’s a folder/file name Codec_dump
   4. Save this to safe place 


  Troubleshooting  :

      No sound/audio after installation :

          you must use IRQ Patch in DSDT or  Clover Config.plist 

           DSDT : use system IRQ patch from laptop patches

           Clover Config : Fix HPET, Fix RTC, Fix TMR  in ACPI => DSDT => Fixes 


            Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.20.24 PM.png


   Generate Troubleshooting files  :

  • DSDT or SSDT Patched if you using one 
  • Clover config.plist
  •  IOregistery saved file using IOregisteryExplorer v2.1
  •   Mac OS version you are on 
  •   Screenshot of System Information/Hardware/Audio/Intel High Definition Audio 
  •   Clover files
  •       i  Clover config.plist 
  •       ii Clover bootlog -> Type in Terminal below commands : save ouput 
  •        bdmesg 
  •   Type in Terminal below commands : save ouput 
  •     kextstat | grep -y AppleHDA 




      IOregisteryExplorer v2.1 :

        IORegistryExplorer v2.1.zip

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I got 2 separate jack's, one OUT and one IN. On the MSI website stands full list of IN/OUTs in this model, and it is:

1x Mic-in
1x Headphone-out
1x Headphone-out (SPDIF)
1x Headphone-out (HiFi / SPDIF)

And only SPDIF works correctly on each layout. That's why i think patching should be done, to use it correctly.

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codec_dump.txt.zipI've got a new one I believe.


Detected ALC289 but some sort of crazy in the Dell Specs: ALC3281




Codec_Dump attached from Mint.


Any suggestions?  Plays via VoodooHDA but headphone socket sounds overdriven and isn't auto select.







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Hi all, 


Complete noob struggling with getting the audio system running on a Dell Vostro 270s desktop (Ivy Bridge). I followed the troubleshooting guide to collect the attached information on my system. If someone could please help me with the right files and guidance around how to configure this system to recognise my audio, I'd greatly appreciate it! 


Thanks in advance. 



Audio Codec Request File Pack Dell Vostro 270s.zip

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