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[Solved] e6420 Ethernet Issues. Need help please


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Hello everybody,


I've got two hackintosh at home: Mojave on Dell Inspiron 15 5570: works perfectly (special thanks to Kostas54 and Jake Lo) and the second on an old dell latitude e6420 High Sierra (i5-23xx, intel HD3000 1366 x 768, 8Gb and 256 Gb SSD, TP-Link TP-WN725N wifi module)

On this e6420, I have some troubles to use iMessage and FaceTime . After some research on internet, the problem may comes from ethernet issues. After checking in my configuration, I saw I had any ethernet hardware configured.

So, I decided to install IntelMausiEthernet.kext or AppleIntelE1000e.kext independently via multifail in \Library\Extension or in \Clover\Kexts folders but It still doesn't work.


Has someone any idea where the problem comes from ?


Thanks for your answer.



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Hervé said: "And stop using TMX tools to seek support here after.". Sorry for that, excuse me...


I made a fresh installation on the dell e6420 of High Sierra and now, the ethernet intel 82579LM controller in now active. It may have conflicts...


After switching the ethernet port to en0, iMessage and FaceTime are fonctionaly. Thanks

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