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Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series 7577 OSX Mojave Help


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I had created Mojave Installation Disk. I have Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series Model 7577 laptop with following configuration.

Processor :       i7 7700HQ

Ram :                 8 GB 2400Mhz

Graphics Card : Nvidia GeForce GTX1050 Ti 4GB

                            Intel HD Graphic 630

Disks (RAID):   Sandisk X600 M.2 2280 SATA 128 GB

                           WDC WD10SPZX-75Z10T1 (1 TB)  

Audio Device :  Realtek ALC 3246

Goodie Fingerprint

Realtek Camera

Intel wifi 8265NGW


Bios Version : 1.6.1

Boot :                                   UEFI

Advanced Boot Options : Legacy Option Roms (Disabled)

UEFI Boot Path Security : Always, Except Internal HDD (Enabled)

Integrated Nic :                  Enable w/PXE (Enabled)

SATA Operation:                Raid On

Drivers:                                SATA-0 (Enabled), SATA-1 (Enabled), M.2 PCIe SSD-0 (Enabled)

SMART Reporting:            Disabled

USB Configuration:           Enable USB Boot Support (Enabled) , Enable External USB Port (Enabled)

Thunderbolt Adapter Config: Enable Thunderbolt Technology Support (Enabled)

                                              Security Level - User Authorization (Selected)

USB Powershare:              Enable USB PowerShare (Enabled)

Audio:                                  Enable Audio (Enabled), Enable Microphone (Enabled) , Enable Internal Speaker (Enabled)

Misc Devices :                    Enable  Camera (Enabled)

UEFI Capsule Firmware Updates: Enabled

PTT Security :                    PTT On (Enabled)

Computrace   :                   Deactivate (Selected)

CPU XD Support :              Enabled

Secure Boot :                     Disabled

Expert Key Management: Custom Mode (Disabled), Custom mode Key management (Selected option): PK

Intel SGX Enable :             (Selected Option) : Software Controlled

Multi Core Support:          All

Intel SpeedStep :              Enabled

C-states Control:              Enabled

Intel TurboBoost:              Enabled

HyperThread Control:      Enabled

Enable Intel Speed Shift Technology: Enabled

USB Wake Support :         Disabled

Adapter warning :             Disabled

Numlock :                           Enabled

Fn Lock Options :              Fn Lock (Selected) ,  Lock Mode Enable/ Secondary (Enabled)

Fastboot:                            Thorough

Sign of Life Indication :   (Enabled) Enable Sign of life Keyboard Backlight Indication

Virtualization:                    (Enabled) Enable Intel Virtualization Technology

VT for Direct I/O:               (Enabled) Enable VT for Direct I/O

Wireless Switch :              (Enabled) WLAN, (Enabled) Bluetooth

Wireless Device Enable: (Enabled) WLAN, (Enabled) Bluetooth

Auto OS Recovery Threshold:  2 (Selected Option)



Let me know the configuration changes in BIOS. Currently Prohibited Sign is coming in startup before installation. I will share EFI folder after BIOS changes suggestion if problem persists.

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Set Integrated NIC to enable only (no need for PXSE, you're not going to boot over Ethernet)

Disable VT for Direct I/O (or use dart=0 in your Clover config).s


No support for Intel wireless so that'll have to be replaced by a supported model or a USB adapter.

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